A heavy hearted, but Steady, farewell

Edmund and Diane Lis are leaving Winters for the sandy beaches of the Sea of Cortez.

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Adventure doesn’t always seem like adventure to those doing the adventuring, they just… kind of do it. Like starting The Steady Eddie’s Café in Flint, Michigan (that is still there, and still serves some of the original recipes), or moving across the country to help run a cloth store only to do that and open another café of the same name, right here in Winters. All of a sudden, twenty years have gone by, and it is time to embark on the next adventure.    Diane and Edmund Lis have been citizens of Winters for almost two decades, but they have been so much more. After their move from Michigan in 2001, the Lis’ found themselves passing through Winters while visiting family, only to eventually be ensnared by the town’s charm. They fell in love with a house that had come up for sale on Russell Street, made the necessary inquiries, and the rest is history. They arrived on Memorial Day weekend of 2004 and would spend the next part of their lives fully embraced by the community of Winters.  Diane was a staple of the Cloth Carousel’s team (she just completed her last day,) and Edmund working as the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, but, something else was needed. They opened Steady Eddie’s in 2004 and were the owners/operators for five years.Edmund is indeed “Eddie.”  Day after day, they served the town, providing a new bicycling destination, a regular morning meeting spot, and delicious takes on breakfast fare, all with a smile. In 2009, Diane and Edmund sold their Steady business, but the name and atmosphere that they created still lives on.  Diane remained in her world of textiles, and Edmund took on employ with Turkovich Wines. Over the next ten years, they would continue to serve the community by lending their knowledge to all that knew to listen. Now, it is on to yet another new beginning: Retirement.  The sandy beaches of The Sea of Cortez called to them. Here, in a town called San Felipe, amid a climate that will keep the native Michigan-ers warm, they found a house with views of the sea. Slowly over the next month Diane and Edmund will move their belongings, and eventually themselves and clowder of cats, down the Mexico way.  They will be returning though. A few times a year is the plan, as they still have family in the area. And Edmund will still be consulting with Turkovich Wines from afar. The legacy of Steady Eddie’s that they’ve created will remain.  “Our next big adventure begins, and we wish to thank the town and its many faces for all that’s been given to us, as well as for allowing us to give a part of ourselves, right back. You all will be greatly missed!”         ]]>

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