Capstone project goes above and beyond to benefit library

Brinly Bronson focused her Senior Capstone Project on working to make the Winters Library more accessible and engaging in library-related events and programs. (Courtesy photo)

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A hurricane of helpfulness has hit the Winters Community Library, and it is student Brinly Bronson. Although it’s all part of a Senior Capstone Project, her efforts to bolster all facets of the library reflect a lifelong love of reading and literature.

Born and raised in Winters, Bronson’s proven to be as much of a bookworm as she is a human. She spent recesses in school libraries reading, participated in summer reading programs, and grew up enthralled by — and indulging in — the many resources libraries have to offer. Needless to say, reading and libraries have been integral aspects of this young lady’s life and have served as inspiration for her Capstone Project.

“It started out as trying to make the library more accessible, like making QR codes so that people could easily access online resources. I’ve cleaned up the book room and have made shelving labels so people can find the different genres,” Bronson said. “It then exploded more into going out and volunteering like at the holiday event sales, then helping out with Books for Babies and getting teachers on board to make book review assignments so that students can turn in book reviews for credit. Then those book reviews would be put in the library and get the high schoolers involved with it.”

Brinly Bronson (right) and Revalee Hemken, Winters Friends of the Library volunteer, work to stock shelves in the Ida B. Wallace Book Sale Room at the Winters Community Library. (Courtesy photo)

To Bronson, helping out at the library has turned into a veritable rabbit hole of things to do. She’s worked hand-in-hand with the school librarians, the branch supervisor, the Winters Friends of the Library, teachers, students and volunteers like Revalee Hemken. Essentially, Bronson can’t help but help — and since she began her project last summer, she’s fixed up the library’s website, made slideshow presentations, organized a used bookstore within the library, planned activities, graded book reviews and much more she’s going to list off in her final Capstone presentation.

“She’s always been older than those around her, not interested in silly little things. I’d say she’s focusing more on what she wants to do and it’s putting her toward her goals and where she wants to be,” said Rebecca Fridae, one of Bronson’s Capstone mentors. “I think her project is bringing more students into the library, she’s organized the book room with Revalee in such a beautiful way it’s just easier to find your books. She’s a go-getter and she’s going to soar.”

Through her tireless efforts, Bronson’s Capstone Project has since turned into a
part-time job at the library. After accepting the job from Olivia Rodriguez, her other Capstone mentor, she now dawns the official title of Library Page — a most fitting title for such an avid reader and advocate of the library. Beyond the professional development her project has yielded, it’s also helped Bronson grow personally, as well.

“I’ve always been kind of reclusive by nature, but this is really forcing me to get out a bit. I never joined clubs or did sports, but this made me get in contact with a lot of different people like my teachers, people I’ve seen but never talked to or strangers,” said Bronson. “I’ve definitely become far more durable when it comes to networking and stuff like that. I’ve been getting involved in the community and it’s been really great.”

If one wants to experience the fruits of Bronson’s labor, visit the Winters Community Library at 708 Railroad Ave. There, one can indulge in all the resources the library has to offer and sign up to be a volunteer. If Bronson’s Capstone Project proves anything, it’s just how much one determined individual can accomplish when fueled by passion.

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