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Check out William’s architectural work at danielwdesigns.com.
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As you leave town going towards the lake, just on the eastern edge of Golden Bear, lives Daniel Williams. A newer resident, Daniel and his family (which includes his wife Maria Williams-Solomon, two children, and now a rambunctious pup named Layla) moved to the area in 2014  after discovering the charm of Winters while heading through the “Gateway to Napa.” He is not just a new face; Williams brings with him his design business, his architectural talent, his artwork, and his visions of the future.

The youngest of 10 children, Williams was born and raised in Long Beach. His father being an engineer for NASA and his mother an artist, William’s creativity was encouraged from an early age. He went on to obtain a degree in graphic arts, and this career brought him close to the world of building and planning.

Williams did not always wish to be an architect. After a series of renovations and a realization that he had a knack, it was firmly suggested to Williams that he further his education by obtaining a degree in architecture.

So he did just that, and in 2013 Williams graduated from the New School of Architecture of San Diego. Now an architect, designer and graphic artist as well as a traditional artist, Williams moved to Winters.

His work, in particular his “Animals Gone Amok” artwork, can now be found at various Winters venues. These

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feature such things as a bull lazing upon the railroad bridge, or a long-horn steer standing outside of Anderson’s welding shop.

In the past few years however, when not inserting farm animals into local landmarks, Williams has been hard at work planning and building a home for his family.

Down the dirt road, past the beds of herbs, tea ingredients, and flowers and just beyond the newly completed barn (with special thanks to the neighbor) now stands a home of rough-hewn timber varied with the reflective flair of metal finish.

A product of his experience and a testament to his resolve, Williams has done what so many have wished for: Built his dream house, himself.

He did have help of course. Williams’ family and friends all lent hands when they could, even going as far as subjecting themselves to trailer-living while the building took place. Aside from a fewsetbacks, construction went smoothly.

While the front of the Williams property has notes of agriculture production with the looming barn, plant beds, and tractor in the background, the house itself is situated in a way that, as you step out the back door, you are instantly transported to the rolling hills and Live Oak dotted landscape that surrounds the town. The whole property can be considered a balance that parallels Winters living with its ‘Agri-Business in the front, orchard Party in the back’ atmosphere.

Williams’ architectural work can be perused on his website: danielwdesigns.com. The site features historic restorations that he has worked on, designs for the house and barn, photo simulations, his graphic art, among much more.


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