Healing arts paint Winters with wellness

Kimberly Unger Healing Arts has set up a studio front in Steady Eddy’s Roasting Room on Main Street. (Courtesy photo)

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Being stressed and high-strung are common side effects of the times in which we’re all living. Kim Unger is taking her healing arts to the next level to help Winters not only loosen up but sow the roots of healthy habits one yoga class and sound bath at a time.

Kim Unger began practicing yoga while she was pregnant with her son. Her practice soon turned into an opportunity to share healing arts with the community. (Courtesy photo)

Originally from Singapore, Unger had since lived and worked in San Francisco. Once her and her husband began their family, however, they decided it was time to move closer to her husband’s family who lives in Davis. Winters was a nice in-between to raise a family — and a business.

“It all started with outdoors classes last September. Then, when the air started getting bad, I moved into the building a block away from the Winters Collective. After that, once Steady Eddy’s had this spot open up, I decided to move in there because I was already doing workshops in there at Christian’s Corner,” said Unger. “I already knew the space and the outside courtyard area, so it was the perfect little spot for a small studio. It’s in the same building as the Steady Eddy’s Roasting Room. They get half of one side and I get the other and the courtyard too, so it’s nice we can do outdoor sessions as well.”

Unger dipped her toes in the yoga pond around a decade ago, practicing on and off as she pleased. When she became pregnant with her son, however, Unger cannon-balled into the yoga pond and became enthralled with the practice. So much so, that she went out, earned her yoga teaching credentials and Kimberly Unger Healing Arts was born.

“I slowly built it up, started offering yoga classes and now it just evolved into what it is today. I teach yoga classes, we do sound baths and sound healing too. It’s a lot of energy work,” Unger said explaining her healing arts. “It’s not just the physical movement of yoga, there’s also the spiritual part. I emphasize a lot of listening to the body and getting feedback from that and I go in from there.”

Unger’s studio is a unique gem. While her healing arts mend one’s mental, physical and spiritual wellness, she also collaborates with other businesses and people to bring workshops into her studio and keep monotony a far cry from her clients’ experience.

“I do workshops with different people to bring different opinions and points of views because this isn’t just yoga. In a recent workshop, I talked about chakras and things like that. People would ask ‘what is a chakra? I don’t see it on my body.’” Unger said. “A chakra is an energy center, you don’t really see it and it’s more of where you feel it. Then Jason (a recent workshop collaborator) will bring in the scientific part and talk about your nervous system and how it connects to the chakras. So, it’s an interesting thing for people to come in and hear both sides.”

To Unger, even if one doesn’t get something out of the yoga or sound baths, simply showing up and unplugging for an hour or so can yield positive results.

After some renovations to her studio located at 106 Main St., Suite C, it’s now set to bolster privacy and comfort for her clientele.

Kimberly Unger Healing Arts is also set to have a grand opening on June 24. On that Friday, Unger is hosting an open studio at 5 p.m. so the community can come in and see what she’s offering. Unger is also hosting a free community sound bath from 6:30-7 p.m.

To stay up-to-date with the studio, follow its Instagram account @kimberlyungerhealingarts, and there, reach out, schedule a class and learn more about what this healing artist offers.

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