Hotel Winters ready to weather another lockdown

Social distancing guidance signs and hand sanitizer stations are set up around the Hotel Winters lobby. Photo by Crystal Apilado/Winters Express

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As Yolo County slides back into the purple tier yet again, local businesses – like Hotel Winters – are ready to weather the ensuing storm of strict regulations. This staycation haven, however, is ready to endure whatever the pandemic has to offer.

“We had this wonderful, hidden gem in Winters,” Hotel Manager, Guysell Geter said about its genesis. “There’s beautiful eateries but people didn’t have anywhere to stay. That’s how it came to be. The land, space and need were here, so Mike Olivas had the idea to put a hotel there.”

The hotel also boasts unique features like its spacious design, luxury boutique atmosphere and rooftop bar. All of these combined with Winters’ small-town charm make for a 4-star experience one can’t experience anywhere else.

After a little over a year since the grand opening, Hotel Winters has weaved seamlessly into the community. Unfortunately, nobody could have foreseen the calamity they – and the rest of Winters’ businesses – would have to endure come 2020.

“We’ve had to make an adjustment that separates us from the kind of touchless experience, which is outside of what hospitality is,” Geter said discussing the measures taken to keep Hotel Winters COVID-compliant. “We have a procedure where once people check out, we clean it and don’t rent it out for at least 48-72 hours.”

With the all-too-familiar stickers on the floor and lowered occupancy, sanitation and safety for Hotel Winters doesn’t stop there. “We use an electrostatic sprayer to clean rooms. It’s a machine that uses a chlorine-based chemical that kills 99.9 percent of germs,” Geter said about their sanitation measures. “If you request amenities, we basically roll the cart to your door and knock so we don’t go into your room.”

According to Geter, a slide back to the purple tier means they’ll have to close Carboni’s Ristorante again and move to room-service only. Geter also mentioned, however, the hotel is contemplating the purchase of weather-proof tents and heaters to combat COVID regulations, as well as colder temperatures.

“It’s not about the hotel or restaurant, it’s about getting people to visit Winters,” Geter said sharing his view on Winters’ small businesses winning together. “People don’t come to Winters for closed doors. If the hotel is busy, up to 300 people can come out to the city. When they come here, that means other businesses will be busy. There’s a whole bigger picture of success.”

People can hear about pandemic news until they’re blue – or purple – in the face, but there is a silver lining. If there’s anything that’s been proven since the pandemic began, is that the Winters community has its business’ backs.

Hotel Winters repays this support with its peace-of-mind promise to those who stay there as well as exclusive deals for locals. For all deals and special offers, one can explore them on their website

As we enter a holiday season in the purple tier, a staycation at Hotel Winters makes for a perfect gift – and reprieve – on the homestretch towards 2021.

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