Local man breaking through barriers for a healthier lifestyle

One year later, Kaplan Smith has lost a total of 100 pounds, and has made vital changes for a healthier lifestyle. Courtesy photo

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Kaplan Smith weighed in at 313 pounds before making the choice to change his lifestyle.
Courtesy photo

Life-changing moments come in a variety of forms, for Kaplan Smith, it was a doctor’s appointment addressing his weight. One year and one hundred pounds later, Smith reflects on the hard work he’s put into his new lifestyle.

“November of last year I went to the doctor and he was brutally honest. He said what was wrong, I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been with a second kid on the way,” Smith recalled of the fateful doctor’s appointment. “I was at risk for heart-attack, stroke, high blood pressure. He said that’s not going to get fixed unless I change something.”

At 313 pounds, Smith didn’t just change something, he changed everything. Starting with his diet, Smith stuck to meats, fruits and vegetables along with a big side of portion control. From there, he joined a CrossFit gym to get his body moving.

“The first day there I couldn’t even get through the warm-up without taking a break. It challenged me, and I stuck with it,” Smith said about developing his gym-addiction. “I started at three days a week, then bumped it to four or five. There’s a great group of people there working to better themselves and I never once felt judged.”

Smith attributes much of his weight loss success to his trainer, Trent Williamson and his encouraging nature that kept him coming back to the gym. The rest belongs to his wife, Danielle.

“She’s been completely supportive of this and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her,” Smith said about his support group. “Even when she could see I was hurting, she’d be there telling me to stick with it.”

A dramatic weight loss journey isn’t easy, however, and must be traveled with patience and an understanding of the do’s and don’ts.

One year later, Kaplan Smith has lost a total of 100 pounds, and has made vital changes for a healthier lifestyle.
Courtesy photo

“I’ve always aimed towards not eating 1.5 – 2 hours before bed. Also, track your progress via scale or measurements. I recommend using a scale every day for consistency,” fitness trainer, Chris Kays said weighing in with tips to remember. “You don’t want to rush the process. At best we can lose 2.5 pounds of body fat a week at a healthy weight without jeopardizing hormones, sleep and performance.”

Kays also emphasized not cutting out everything one enjoys in life. Opting for moderation sustains diet discipline while allowing for occasional indulgences.

“Don’t aim for perfect, aim for better,” Kays said about having a healthy mindset for dieting. “Even if you have a day where you fall completely off the wagon with your diet, going on a walk would be an example of ‘better,’ not perfect.”

Perhaps the most common misconception about diets is that once one reaches their weight loss goal, then the work is done. The weight will magically stay off forever.

The reality is, dieting is a lifestyle change, not a temporary solution. It’s a commitment to oneself to stay accountable and disciplined.

“My experience isn’t over. It’s never going to end. There’ll be ups and downs,” Smith said talking about what the road ahead has in store. “For anyone wanting to lose weight or reach a goal, don’t stop. There’ll be roadblocks and don’t beat yourself up if it takes longer than expected. You have to grind through it and keep moving and live to fight another day.”

Now weighing in at 215, Smith is a living testament to what one can accomplish when they set their mind to something. Even during a pandemic, a healthier lifestyle is just a choice away.

For local help in weight loss and fitness endeavors, one can contact trainer, Chris Kays at 530-665-3839 or chriskaystraining@gmail.com. For Smith’s trainer, Trent Williamson, his online services are available at armadastrength.com.

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