Meet the Candidate: Bill Biasi

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Mayor Bill Biasi said he has grown up in Winters his whole life and as a third generation Winters citizen, he had many role models who served on City Council. He said although he never envisioned being involved in local government when he was younger, he became more interested in wanting to be involved in the decision making aspects of what happened in his hometown. “I wanted to give back to the City that has given so much to me,” said Biasi. “I have been here all my life.”  His roots are in agriculture beginning working out in the orchards on his family’s farm, involvement in Winters FFA in high school and eventually earning his bachelor’s degree in the agricultural science of pomology. He currently works at UC Davis in the Plant Sciences department, where he’s spent 31 years doing research on fruits and nuts. Biasi feels his life-long residency in Winters helps him to bring a unique perspective to City Council. He said he’s seen a lot of change over the years. “I remember what it was like in the 60s and 70s when I was growing up, and how our downtown declined after that and has since been revitalized,” Biasi said.  He also has lived the last 33 years of his life in a wheelchair and has a different perspective when it comes to building accessibility. He’s been a strong advocate in making sure ADA standards for accessibility are taken into consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council for building design plans. Biasi’s vision for Winters is to help maintain its small town charm that it is famous for, revitalize its agricultural heritage and make sure its public safety facilities are well funded so people in the community are safe. ]]>

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