Peggy Stuber of Eagle Drug retires

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On Thursday, March 28, Peggy Stuber retired after working with Eagle Drug for 29 years. Although some are no stranger to long term jobs, Stuber has literally doubled-down on her employment for just shy of three decades. She worked concurrently at Eagle Drug and as a Campus Supervisor at Vaca Valley High School, where she has since retired after thirty years.  When Stuber first started at Eagle Drug the store was owned by Kathy and Gary Bertagnolli and located near where Lorenzo’s Market is now. Smiling, Stuber recalls Bertagnolli asking, “So, how long do you think you can work two jobs?” Over two decades later, Jodie and Zeb Becker bought Eagle Drug Store and Pharmacy, where she remained on as an asset to the downtown business. When asked about working for the Bertagnollis, Stuber said, “It was like working with family. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot from them.” “I felt very blessed that Jodie and Zeb kept me on too. I do appreciate that they gave me that opportunity to learn their new computer system,” Stuber said, adding, “I like that their logo is ‘modern technology with vintage care.’ It’s nice.” Of Eagle Drugs current owners Stuber says, “Jodie and Zeb are forward looking, moderate people, they will do well” adding, “I will continue to pray for their success.” Looking down she added, “I will miss my customers.” Through her last week in the store Stuber was quite surprised by the outpouring of well wishes and the kind regards of the regular customers, many saying they will miss her. To her well wishers in town Peggy wishes to say “Thank you, thank you for being so supportive of the efforts here at Eagle Drug.” Peggy was disappointed that she was leaving without saying a last goodbye to her friend and fellow coworker, Theresa Correa. Correa is now the last of the originals, in the team at Eagle Drug. When asked what her favorite part of the job was Stuber said, “I never thought I was a very creative person, so, to find that part about myself was nice, I will miss that, but…” she adds, laughing “I’ll be creative in my yard.” Originally from Arkansas, Peggy grew up in Port Costa and attended John Swett High in Crockett. There she met the love of her life, Mac. The Stubers married, had three children and lived in Vacaville for a time while Mac worked as a truck driver and Peggy worked at Vaca High. In 1989 they invested in a house and made Winters their home. Thirty years later, that house is now all paid off. Stuber says “When Jodie and Zeb interviewed me for the job, I told them my plan. I said, ‘Once my house is paid off, I’m going to retire, so, you have me for three years if you would like to keep me.'” “It worked out perfect,” Stuber said.       Stuber is looking forward to spending more time with her high school sweetheart. They celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary this year. The couple enjoys walks and riding around town, working in their beautiful big yard with a vegetable and flower garden. Both are highly involved, long-time members of the First Baptist Church on First Street.  “He is a wonderful singer,” Stuber says of her husband. Stuber is looking forward to enjoying the coming months. “I have lots of friends, I’m very blessed that way,” Stuber says. “My grandchildren will be graduating from college. I’m very blessed with all of my children.”  Now that the Stubers are retired, they look forward to several road trips, a train ride and some much anticipated family time with their daughter, two sons and eight grandchildren. In May they head to Missouri on their first of many road trips together. This one is particularly special to the Stubers, as they will meet their first great-granddaughter Brook, and will help her to celebrate her first birthday. In anticipation, Stuber has been video chatting with her great-grandchild so that Brook will recognize her by the time she comes.  “You don’t get to spend enough time, and time goes fast,” Stuber said. They look forward to visiting with their son in Arkansas, close to Peggy’s father’s home. In August they plan another drive, this time to Colorado where they’ll take a train ride from Durango to Silverton. After a contented sigh Stuber says, “We have no time restraints.” When asked about Winters, Stuber says “It’s a very friendly place.” “I love where I live, I love this little town and will continue to be part of it for a long time.”  ]]>

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