Up-and-comer corners promising future

Winters youth brings his creativity and passion to a new storefront at Christian’s Corner.
Christian Duran Courtesy photo

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While most high-schoolers are focused on memes, Instagram likes and video games, Christian Duran is starting his own business and opening a boutique. Before he does, however, Winters should get to know this human Swiss Army Knife made of creativity, drive and artistic flare.

In his short amount of time on this crazy place we call earth, Duran has racked up more accolades than most do in a lifetime. He’s volunteered working with seniors delivering food, Winters Parent Nursery School, Project Playground, Winters Little League, Winters Sports Friday, at the Summerland Event at Park Winters for Visit Yolo, helped run Porch Fest, is a photographer, and participated in the Winters Community Theater – to name a few.

“Christian is what we call an ‘old soul.’ He’s wise beyond his years, works hard, is creative and enjoys making other smile,” said his proud mother, Corrin Armstrong. “I can’t wait to see what is in his future.”

In his struggle against dyslexia growing up, Duran found his outlet and coping mechanism in creative expression. As the years passed, that outlet became a love for photography, fashion and graphic design.

“Christian is a gifted young man that’s currently working on my website and social media for my new business, The 128,” said fellow volunteer Maria Rojo. “I love his calm demeanor when we’re crazy around him. Anyone would be fortunate to have him on their team.”

With so much time invested volunteering and promoting the community, Duran developed an inexhaustible work ethic. Combined with his talent, ambition and moxie, the teen was ready to make his own dream come true.

“In the past, I started a blog, did photography and graphic design,” Duran said about turning his vision into fruition. “Running that, I got a sense of the direction I wanted to go in and this boutique is really my vision and is something that I love and a way to express my creativity with the community.”

After so many years of being of service to his hometown, Duran’s selfless nature has undoubtedly played a role in his success.

“When I ask for his help with a fundraiser or a volunteer, here’s there no questions asked,” said Emily Back, who’s youngest daughter acted with Duran. “He’s going to make it big one day because of his can-do attitude and passion he has for every project he starts.”

Duran’s impact on the community, however, has only just begun. With the opening of his shop, Winters will continue to benefit from Duran doing what he loves.

“I’m super excited to share this with the community and a place for youth to shop,” Duran said about opening his boutique. “I want to include everyone to come together and empower everyone from every walk of life.”

Come September, the Winters Collective will have its newest addition: Christian’s Corner. There, Duran will be selling his photography prints and Bohemian clothing line. To check out Duran’s aesthetic, visit his Instagram @christianscorner.co and @CPDORA. His photography and business side are @christianduran.co and his website christianduran.co.

With hours of hard work already put in and countless more ahead of him, Duran has already paved the way for all walks of life to come around Christian’s Corner.

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