Wine and champagne tips and tricks

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Did you know that all champagne is from the Champagne region in France? Even if bubbly fermented grape juice is made with the champagne variety of grapes, it still must be called “Sparkling Wine,” because only Champagne that is produced in Champagne, France can bear the name. Same is technically true for sangria, according to European law, all sangria must be made in Spain or Portugal, have 12% or less alcohol by volume, or it cannot be technically sold as “Sangria” Wine Tips and tricks Frozen grapes are a fun and festive way to keep white wine chilled. They also look great in equal parts juice and seltzer for any guests abstaining. Simply clean the grapes thoroughly, freeze three hours before service and pop a few in a glass. Grapes have a nice texture when frozen and make a sweet tasty treat on their own. Always remember to halve grapes for small children. Champagne tips and tricks Always pour champagne twice, in one glass, per serving and it will never spill over. Pro tip 1. Use the two-count pause between pours to complement whomever the glass is for, this will make both extra bubbly. Buy an inexpensive champagne stopper and the remains of the bottle will keep for another round next day, either for bubbly brunch mimosas, brightened siesta sangria, or a double bubble bath “mommy’s reward.”]]>

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