Winters resident takes action to promote cooler sleeping

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It’s hard to believe that wrapping oneself up in warm covers on a cold night before bedtime can lead to a positive impact on our climate. That’s why Winters resident Alex Glaros helped produce his short film “Climate” to explain why sleeping a little cooler can make the planet a little cooler as well.

In the winter months, it’s all too easy to pump up the thermostat and leave it on all night or toss in a few extra logs in the fire to stave off the chilly weather. While cozy is, indeed, convenient and comfortable, one should ask themselves if it’s really necessary when one is bundled up under layers of blankets — and asleep. As it turns out, lowering the thermostat and/or putting out our fires before bedtime can really make a positive impact not only on our health and bank accounts, but the environment as well.

“The UN stated that we’re in a ‘code-red’ and have to make changes or else there’s going to be irreversible climate disruption, and I took that to heart. I asked myself ‘what can I do?’” Glaros said explaining the initial inspiration to make his video. “A couple years ago we had to turn off our heating system one night for some reason. We all woke up and it was the best night sleep my family and I ever had. We googled what happened and it said we’re supposed to sleep cold, which I never knew. So, I felt like this was something I can share to help protect the environment by burning less fossil fuels and using less energy to stay warm.”

After a Winters winter, Glaros and his family soon became accustomed — and looked forward — to the supreme rejuvenation of sleeping in a colder house.

Whether or not one believes in climate change is a different story. However, one can’t deny the feeling they get after a great night sleep, or how tired and lethargic they feel after a crummy one. That’s Glaros’ creative workaround in the video he helped produce with the help of filmmaker Anatoly Vaisman.

“Anatoly’s great at taking a boring message and making it fun and is way better than me at making these things. So, I called him up and asked if he’d help make the video and he agreed. I also hid my script from him to see what he’d come up with,” Glaros said. “He had the script done in two days and the video done in a week. I just added the information at the end, but he killed it. The framing, the comedic timing and the light, everything was perfect.”

According to Glaros’ video, sleeping at a lower temperature — because one opted to lower their thermostat or put out their fire before going to bed — increases melatonin which is an anti-aging hormone, increases serotonin, prevents insomnia, burns calories, reduces risk of type two diabetes, lowers stress, lowers carbon emissions and sort of saves the planet in the process.

Wherever one believes in climate change or not, the benefits of a good night sleep are undeniable. Sleeping a little colder will have your body and bank account thanking you, and what better excuse could one need to buy new blankets and jammies?

To watch Glaros’ video, log onto YouTube and search “EngagementSquared” and look for the video, “CLIMATE: Get better night’s sleep by lowering winter house temperature during nighttime sleep time.” It can be found here:

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