You can lead a horse to coffee…

Three people on horseback were spotted trying to place their orders at the Starbucks drive-through. From the left, the riders are Alina Maynard, Emma Neville and Sherean Maynard.

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Parents of young children recognize that sometimes it’s just easier to use the drive-through instead of parking. Sherean Maynard knows this better than most. After finding a hitching post and getting the kids out of their saddles, who even has the energy to go inside and grab a cup of coffee?

This was the situation that Maynard found herself in when someone snapped a photograph of her with her daughter Alina and her niece, Emma Neville, leading their horses up to the Starbucks drive-through.

The picture went locally viral, but the image didn’t tell the whole story. As Melissa Patrick was snapping their photograph, Maynard and the girls were learning that horses were not welcome guests in the drive-through lane.

“We often go on horseback rides, and will go grab a drink,” Maynard says. They hadn’t been to the establishment’s drive-through before, but since Neville loves Starbucks, Maynard decided they would try it out.

When they reached the speaker, the three horses and their riders were met with radio silence. After trying to place their orders a few times, the group assumed that they must have to mosey on up to the window to be served.  

Just as they began to step away, they heard a voice on speaker. The group was told that they could not be served at the window. They would only be allowed to order if they came inside the building.

All of us in the building?” Maynard asked.

There was no response.

“There’s no hitching post,” Maynard points out, and cantering up to the cashier wasn’t really an option.

Maynard and the girls kept riding.

AS can be expected in a town as small as Winters, Maynard learned about the photo before they even made it home. The three were riding through town when a neighbor flagged them down to say that someone had shared their picture on Facebook.

Maynard isn’t phased by the sudden rise to local Internet fame.

“It’s just kind of funny,” she laughs. “It’s unexpected.”

Even if she can laugh about it now, Maynard is adamant that their trip through the drive-through wasn’t any kind of stunt or prank.

“We really were just on horses and wanted to get a drink,” she says.

In the end they were able to get what they wanted. It was a hot day, Maynard says, so they picked up three lemonades from Taco Bell.  


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