Flavor Fave: Bacon Burger is a worthy bite

The ingredients of Green River Brewing & Taproom’s bacon burger come together to make every bite an absolute treat. (Aaron Geerts/Winters Express)

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It’s a shame the Hamburglar wasted his time with Ronald McDonald’s pitiful excuses for burgers because Green River Brewing & Taproom’s bacon burger is definitely worth the jail time.

The cheese, lettuce, onion and the rest of the ingredients come together to make every bite an absolute treat. From the perfectly grilled hamburger patty to the condiments and soft bun that brings it all together, it’s everything a bacon burger should be and has earned the title of this week’s Flavor Faaave!

To me, the x-factor is the bacon itself because it’s oh-so-crispaaay. Of course, there’s folks who like their bacon floppy and dangerously close to being considered raw. To each their own, however, I would consider those folks menaces to society (along with those who favor blue cheese over ranch). Luckily, Green River’s chefs aren’t maniacs and stack the burger with nothing but flavor and bacon that’s not still squealing.

However, no burger is complete without an a-la-carte in crime, and the fries did more than pull their own weight. However, they weren’t so much the skinny, fried slivers of potato you’d get elsewhere, but thick, twisting chunks that somehow maintain a crispiness when you bite down on them. Personally, I feel as if my arteries are not nearly clogged enough, so I ordered some ranch to dip my fries in. OK, I’ll be honest, I drowned them in ranch and loved every bite.

At the end of the meal, my stomach looked up at me and said, “Ya did good, kid.” Albeit the bacon burger and fries are a simple order, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you just have that burger itch, and the bacon burger at Green River does more than scratch it. Pair that with a brewski from the seemingly-endless selection on the Green River Beer Wall, and you’ve got yourself a meal more American than apple pie.

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