Flavor Faves: Crisp chicken perfection

Putah Creek Café’s fried chicken sandwich nailed the perfect, crispy-to-juicy ratio. (Aaron Geerts/Winters Express)

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It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when I stumbled into Putah Creek Café with my brother, his wife and their baby girl. We were promptly seated at a booth and were lucky enough to have the one and only Olivia Rodriguez serving us. After some friendly banter, I eyeballed the menu and landed on the fried chicken sandwich. I thought to myself, “Fried chicken sandwich? That’s a weird way of spelling FLAVOR FAVE!”

Now, some folks get carried away and fry their chicken to a crisp — not the case here. Putah Creek nailed that perfect, crispy-to-juicy ratio and the sandwich gave me a satisfying crunch when I bit down into it. Unfortunately, there’s no Oscar for ‘best-supporting cast in a sandwich.’

If there were, I’d nominate the pickles, spicy mayo and fluffy, brioche bun for really bringing this bad boy together. It’s the type of sandwich that’s so good you sort of blackout while eating it, and when you come to, you’re really upset that it’s gone — or maybe that’s just me.

And don’t get me started on the fries. Fine, twist my arm why don’t you? The fries are crispy, thin and a delight that’s nothing out of the ordinary. While many opt for ketchup with their fries, I — as habitual readers of my ridiculous food reviews may already know — need ranch.

Not just a little ranch either. Heavens no, I want enough to watch my fries struggle to breathe in the ocean of ranch I’ve tossed them in. Only when they’re covered in that thick, white nectar of the gods will I fish them out and scarf them. And Putah Creek’s ranch is spot-on. I may have even poured a little on my sandwich because I’m sick like that.

At the end of the meal, my plate was spotless, and I was feeling fat and happy. Sure, happy that I get my food review meals paid for, but more so for getting to stuff my face with a delicious fried chicken sandwich. Ten out of ten I’d eat again and that — boys and girls — is why it’s this week’s FLAVOR FAVE!

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