Flavor Faves: Sweet and savory

Upper Crust Baking’s OMG cheesecake and onion-asiago scone. (Aaron Geerts/Winters Express)

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I’ve been itching to do a food review on Upper Crust Baking since they opened, and last week, I was finally able to scratch. As soon as I stepped into the bakery the smell of fresh pastries lifted me off my feet and planted me in front of the display glass. I eyed the chocolate-topped cheesecake (what Upper Crust refers to as their ‘OMG Cheesecake’), then the onion-asiago scone, pondering which I should get. Then I thought to myself, “Aaron, you penny-pinching putz, you expense these food reviews to the Express. Get them both.”

After patting myself on the back for such a great idea, I ordered them both and am declaring the Upper Crust Baking’s OMG cheesecake and onion-asiago scone this week’s FLAVOR FAVES!

I brought the tasty morsels home and poured myself a tall glass of milk. The cheesecake slice was teasing me, so I dug into it first. True to its name, the first words out of my mouth after that first bite were, ‘Oh My God,’ only with a few more expletives that aren’t fit for print. The rich, creamy flavor flooded my tastebuds and rendered me cross-eyed for a moment. Combined with the sheen of chocolate on top and the moist crust holding it together, it’ll be hard going back to lesser cheesecakes — yes, I’m looking at you Cheesecake Factory.

Still ravenous for deliciousness, my fork plunged into the onion-asiago scone. Usually I’m not a scone guy, but this one called to me and I’m glad it did. I took a bite and tossed my fork aside to hand-feed myself the crumbly and buttery sensation. A few blinks later and it was all gone save for the crumbs. My only regret, not expensing more to the Winters Express and pigging out on everything else Upper Crust has to offer. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to go back. But until then, I’m most satisfied with this week’s FLAVOR FAVES.

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