Flavor Fave: Wings for the win

Pizza Factory’s BBQ chicken wings. (Aaron Geerts/Express photo)

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Football season is back and my taste buds are in the red zone looking to score something delicious to scarf on Sundays. Luckily, my stomach led the way to the Pizza Factory and I got my hands on some BBQ chicken wings that I can’t help but label as this week’s Flavor Fave!

While chicken wings these days seem to be low on flavor but high on prices, these BBQ morsels from the Factory flip this notion on its head. I hut, hut, hike each and every wing into my gullet, but not before drowning them in the savory nectar known as ranch dressing. (Of course, the Factory is gracious enough to offer blue cheese to dip your wings in, but that’s more of a formality.)

The flavors come together like a winning team, with every bite being a juicy, tender and messy sensation. I can almost hear John Madden commentating while I’m eating them, yelling “Boom!” every time I take a bite.

From the copious amounts of BBQ sauce on the wings, to the price, to the satisfaction you feel looking at the mountain of chicken wing bones after you’re done eating them, the Pizza Factory BBQ chicken wings will never fail to please at any football game viewing.

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