Flavor Faves: A tasty, cheesy sensation

The toasted pesto chicken sandwich on ciabatta bread at Hooby’s Brewing makes you holler ‘Woooooo!’ (Aaron Geerts/Winters Express)

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Everybody knows Hooby’s Brewing’s menu is filled with top-notch brews — and waffles. However, there’s a sleeper item on the menu: a sandwich so tasty it sinks the Torpedo and makes me feel guilty for eyeballing any other would-be bites.

I am talking about the cheesy sensation known as the toasted pesto chicken sandwich on ciabatta bread. Which, by the by, happens to be my absolute favorite local sandwich. There are other tremendous ‘sandos’ in Winters, of course, but this one … oh mama.

From the very first bite, this sandwich slaps your taste buds with flavor like a slap in the chest from Rick Flair and makes you holler ‘Wooooo!’ As if the creamy pesto aioli slathered on the juicy chicken wasn’t enough for your palette to contend with, the Hooby crew then melt a blanket of cheesy goodness over all of it.

When paired with a ‘This Damn Hazy’ IPA, it’s a culinary combination that’s good enough to bring a tear to your eye.

But don’t cry about it, go order the toasted pesto chicken sandwich and taste for yourself why it’s this week’s Flavor Fave.

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