Flavor Faves: Americano burrito is the breakfast of champions

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We’ve all been there — we wake up, we’re hungry, we want something greasy and delicious and have literally zero desire to cook it ourselves. Alas, in these situations — when I may or may not be battling a hangover — I turn to the Kountry Kitchen Americano breakfast burrito. That’s why I’ve dubbed it this week’s Flavor Faaave!

Essentially, this burrito is satisfaction wrapped in a toasty, flour tortilla. While the option of adding sausage to the burrito is offered, it’s more of a courtesy as there’s no other real choice other than stuffing that bad boy with bacon — crispy, delicious bacon. Going hand-in-ham with the bacon is a heap of fluffy eggs and hash browns. Since I’m a grease-loving savage, I also asked for extra sour cream and cheese to complete the football-sized delicacy.

Bite after bite the burrito doesn’t let you down. Then, out of nowhere like a flying elbow from Macho Man Randy Savage off the top ropes — Kountry Kitchen gives you some sensational salsa to dribble over your breakfast burrito. I’m a fan of the bite-dribble-bite technique myself, but however one wants to enjoy their breakfast burrito with the salsa is up to them. No judgment here.

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