Flavor Faves: Call of the panini

The turkey, bacon and avocado panini at Steady Eddy’s Coffee House is this month’s Flavor Fave. (Aaron Geerts/Winters Express)

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This newspaper gig can be pretty grueling sometimes. Like when they ask me to go out, try the food on the company dime, and write a review about it — really difficult stuff. This month, my food-tasting journey took me to Steady Eddy’s Coffee House. With no wrong answers on the menu, I opted for the turkey, bacon and avocado panini. When I bit into that bad boy, I knew it was this month’s Flavor Fave!

It wasn’t an easy choice, however, because the chicken pesto panini was also calling my name — but I didn’t answer. I got myself a turkey, bacon and avocado panini on ciabatta with no tomatoes. The panini itself came out quickly, toasty warm and with those grill marks on the bread that put paninis in an elite class of sandwich. It also came with enough sliced turkey to facilitate a Thanksgiving feast, a perfect bacon-avocado ratio so the flavors don’t step on each other’s toes, and a healthy helping of jack cheese to hold it all together. But the cherry on top — which wasn’t a cherry at all — was the garlic mayo they slathered all over it.

I don’t mean to rhyme all the time, but every bite was a delight. Although the panini isn’t an earth-shattering, life-changing meal, it lives up to the menu’s boast of it being one of the house favorites. I thought the $12 cost was a little much, but also fairly priced considering it’s 2023 and everything costs an arm and a leg. Other than that, the customer service was great, a couple of people I knew walked in and said ‘hi’ — like anytime you go anywhere in Winters — and I left more than satisfied with this top-notch panini.

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