Flavor Faves: Chuy’s quesabirrias — “ay Dios mio!”

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Tacos might own Tuesdays, but the rest of the week is most definitely owned by Chuy’s quesabirrias. What are quesabirrias you may ask? Other than being this week’s Flavor Fave, they’re delicious, quesadilla-taco hybrids that will have you saying, “ay Dios mio!” as soon as they touch your tongue.

Although I’m an ardent flour tortilla fan (because, you know, they’re the best), Chuy’s works their magic and toasts corn tortillas before filling them with savory beef and cheese. With a little bit of onion and cilantro tossed in there along with a dipping sauce that sends the flavor into the stratosphere, I’m afraid to say that I’ve found a replacement for the chimichanga as my favorite Chuy’s menu item. Lo siento, chimichanga.

Along with the quesabirrias is a side of beans and rice, but none of it comes before receiving the delicious, complementary chips and salsa. To wash it all down, one is kidding themselves if they think they can get anything better than a Jarritos soda of the Mandarin variety. Limon is an acceptable second option in case they’re out of Mandarin.

In conclusion, when you’re staring at the Chuy’s menu pretending to be thinking about trying something new before ordering what you
always get, consider the quesabirrias. And by consider, I mean you must absolutely order them or you and your taste buds will have the worst case of FOMO (fear of missing out) imaginable. #vivalaquesabirrias

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