Flavor Faves: Sweet satisfaction at the gelato bar

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My sweet tooth was begging me recently. It said, “Aaron, c’mon man, we need something good, something tasty, something fresh!” To placate my talkative sweet tooth, I went to Carboni’s Ristorante, got a scoop of gelato and instantly knew that I’d tasted this week’s Flavah Faaave.

After a brief moment in front of the glass panel, I selected the Bomb Coconut Cream flavor and the server dug out a massive scoop for me. The first bite smacked my sweet tooth silly. It couldn’t handle the chocolate richness, the light coconut-yness, or the sweet marshmallows strewn throughout the scoop, but I loved it all.

With so many amazing, sweet treats in the town, I can’t say this gelato is the absolute best. I can, however, say this flood of flavor is something Noah couldn’t escape. And the next time one’s sweet tooth is badgering them for something tasty, the gelato bar at Carboni’s is sure to satisfy.

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