Flavor Faves: The best pizza is here in Winters

Pizza Factory’s pepperoni and bacon pizza can only be improved with a cold beer. (Aaron Geerts/Winters Express)

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A Winters Express food column

Hey, New Yorkers…eat your hearts out, the best pizza in all the land is right here in Winters, Calif. That’s right, the Pizza Factory is better than that overhyped swill they serve yonder on the east coast.

Am I crazy for making such a claim? Maybe, but I’m willing to put the Factory’s pepperoni and bacon pizza — this week’s Flavor Faaaav — up against any other pizza.

Let me break it down for you. The first bite is a near-heavenly mix of molten cheese that’s melted perfectly with the spicy pepperoni and savory bacon. By that point, some of the bacon crumbles have overflowed onto the plate. They think they’re safe, but they’re not. They’re just waiting for you to pick them up and pile them on top of another delicious, ooey-gooey, cheesy-breezy, melty-meaty bite.

With the meats, the cheeses, the tomato sauce and crispy crust baked together in circular perfection, I mean … how can this meal get any better? Um, beer. Beer is the answer.

For those 21 and up, I must say nothing quite washes down the deliciousness of a pepperoni and bacon pizza (c’mon, that sounds amazing every time you say it) like a “Spare the Air” hazy IPA, or so I thought.

As I was munching on my pizza and delighting myself to the Spare the Air, owner Chuck Pearce walked over and said “this one’s on the house,” and proceeded to pour me a “Fluent in Sarcasm” triple IPA. Ahhhh, free beer. It tasted — in a word — amazing, and stands as my backup brew to complement the stellar pepperoni and bacon pizza.

In conclusion of my not-so-humble opinion, the pepperoni and bacon pizza with either a “Spare the Air” or “Fluent in Sarcasm” IPA’s are my picks for this week’s Flavor Faaav.

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