Flavor Faves: Wood-fired pizza for a cause

Wood-fired pizza (Aaron Geerts/Winters Express)

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Recently, I got a text from my man, Jeff Christian, who’s the head coach of the Winters High School women’s varsity basketball team. He said — not in these words — Aaron, the team and I are having a pizza fundraiser for the basketball program down here at the gym. Come on down and get ya some.

Never one to pass up on a free dinner, I went down there and got me some of their handmade pizza and knew immediately I was tasting this week’s FLAVOR FAVE!

As soon as I got to the gym, I spied a line of cars snaking its way up and down the parking lot toward Christian’s mobile, wood-fired pizza oven he uses for fundraisers. I moseyed over to it and saw his team hard at work tossing the dough, smacking it on the countertop sending poofs of flour in the cold, winter air, before covering it with pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni.

After that, Christian would put the pizza in the blazing oven and take one out that was fully cooked. Then his girls would sprinkle some parmesan on that bad boy, slice it, cover it in foil and send it out to get devoured.

Luckily, Christian gave me a “botched” pizza, and rather than wait, I stuffed that molten cheese-covered morsel in my gullet. The pepperoni was spicy, the cheese was gooey and flavorful, and the crust was flakey and light and left a little floury residue on your fingers to lick off.

Usually, I like to drown every bite of pizza I eat in ranch, but this pizza was pure delight that didn’t need an assist from any condiment. I also shared a slice with WHS Athletic Director Daniel Ward because he told me he was a Dallas Cowboys fan and I felt bad for him.

Overall, if the women’s varsity basketball team opted to open their own pizza shop in Winters, it’d be an overnight success. Delicious hardly describes the taste and I can’t wait for the next fundraiser to re-taste this slam dunk of a FLAVOR FAVE!

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