Hooby's Brewing celebrates first anniversary

Matt Stone/Winters Express

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Hooby’s Brewing celebrated one year of business on February 15th, and a grand time was reported to be had by all. The restaurant began with brother Chad Stocking learning to craft beer, and the idea of running a brewery/restaurant became a six-year long family and friend joke. But, as people persisted in their requests for the drinkery, the humorous notion soon solidified into a working business profile, and the joke was no more. Hooby’s has spent the past 365 as a member of Winter’s food scene. Featuring locally sourced and in-house made eats and drinks. Their menu is full of personal takes on classic food fair, and they offer such quaffs as the Seeing Double IPA, their Monticello Stout, and a Wrong Way pilsner, among others.   The party kicked off at 1 pm and featured the live musical stylings of Jessica Malone, Big Ben and the Brian’s, and Rowan McGuire. Hooby’s own menu was paired with other local favorites such as the Squeeze Inn out of Sacramento, and 808 Street Grindz out of Vacaville. The affair has been said to have been a great success in celebration.  Life is not always easy for the first year (and after) for a restaurant, but when serving such culinary concoctions as the Pulled Pork Waffle that Hooby’s is offering, existence is all that much better. This alternative take on a pulled pork sandwich combines the triad of sweet, savory, and spiciness into a meal like no other. Head-Chef, Gen Wilson, has taken the sandwich to new heights with special tweaks to the previously established recipe, and Hooby’s Pulled Pork Waffle has become a high selling menu item.  Slow roasted pork is glazed with a house-made Dr. Pepper barbeque sauce and nestled in a bed of cabbage and carrot slaw, this rests atop the freshly cooked beer-waffle half. All drizzled in its entirety with a spicy aioli and sealed with the remaining waffle half. Paired with Hooby’s own Grapefruit IPA, or a mimosa, and alongside their Spicy Deviled Eggs whose flavors meld well with the pork, this is most certainly a dish that will provide well for all.   Hooby’s Brewery is a family place. From the boardgames available that encourage interaction, to the whole Stockton family themselves playing their own pivotal roles within the company, to the “friendly farm atmosphere,” Hooby’s is sure to continue being a mainstay of the Winters community. ]]>

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