Keeping It Flavorful: An afternoon delight — sandwich and wine

The Turkey Bacon Avocado on sourdough from Steady Eddy’s Coffee house is the Editor’s top sandwich pick. (Crystal Apilado/Winters Express)

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 A sandwich is a basic, and comforting meal. From the grilled cheese and PB&J of childhood, to the fancier grilled panini and messy Philly cheesesteak options of adulthood. The main way to ruin it is to add an undesirable condiment or to cut it the wrong way. (Just ask most any 4-year-old about the latter.)

Local sandwiches were one of my favorite lunches in high school. Depending on how much time I had, I would run down to Cody’s Deli or Lester Farms Bakery to get in an order. I eventually even figured out you could order ahead of time for quicker pick up.

Sandwiches are easy enough to make, and customize to your current whim. Want a midnight snack? A blackberry preserve and crunchy peanut butter spread on toasted bread. Need a morning pick-me-up? Fried egg and cream cheese on a croissant. Starving because you skipped breakfast? Toasted sourdough layered with sharp cheddar, turkey, sliced tomato, garden-fresh lettuce, pepperoncinis, dijon mustard and Preserve’s jalapeño jelly.

However, I’ve come to decide in my 41-years-of eating that no matter how you layer it, a sandwich tastes better when someone else makes it for you. Lester Farms Bakery was my favorite place with the ability to custom-build your sandwich of choice. Grab a paper, mark your preferences and moments later you were presented with your sandwich. Now, with the bakery closed, I’ve had a think about my new go-to sandwich fix.

It wasn’t that hard to choose though with Steady Eddy’s Coffee House offering online ordering. I can hop online to order my coffee and sandwich, and then pick it up later in the afternoon. I’ve even sat outside of the preschool to place an order before dropping my four-year-old off for the day.

While you can certainly, custom order — sometimes it feels like an extra hassle to go through each element to remove or add. Luckily, Steady Eddy’s has the perfect sandwich that features all of my favorites. The Turkey Bacon Avocado is my local favorite sandwich.

My bread of choice is sourdough, and paired with the classic turkey slices, layered with just-crisp-enough bacon, fresh tomato slices, Monterey jack cheese and topped with creamy avocado on a slathering of garlic mayo — it satisfies and tames the hangry beast inside.

This week, I ordered my sandwich to go. I was in a generous mood and I saved half of it for my husband to enjoy when he got home from work. You may enjoy an ice tea or soda with your sandwich, I took the opportunity to pair it with a glass of Turkovich Family Wines Roussanne.

I’m no expert, but of my options at home, the Roussanne seemed like the better choice compared to the bold reds on my wine rack. The pairing didn’t disappoint.

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