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I don’t always eat dessert first, but I try to fulfill that mantra every couple of weeks. Life is too short to not enjoy the sweet and delicious things in life. Sometimes I put a spoonful of vanilla ice cream in my coffee (a habit I picked up from a fellow server when I was going to college in Michigan). Other times, I buy a dessert the day before and when the children are off at my parents’ house I sit down on the couch and enjoy every bite myself.

Lester Farms Bakery used to help fill that need. Their decadent Bismark doughnut was one of my favorite morning treats. Puff pastry filled with custard and topped off with a glaze of chocolate. I was also known to purchase a pie or a mini pie to gift a treat for my husband.

The last week they were open my last purchase was an apple pie and a Bismark. The doughnut was devoured shortly after getting home. The pie we tried to savor as long as possible. But it too was gone within a few days.

Favorite treats
With rotating menus, it’s hard to find a dedicated go-to dessert. I used to go to Tomat’s and get a drink and a slice of cheesecake covered in strawberries. If the cheesecake was out, I deferred to the baked custard. If both of those were out, I gave Tony a piece of my mind.

I am guilty of going to the Carboni’s Ristorante to see if there is tiramisu in the case. It’s hit or miss — but if it’s there I am definitely buying a piece to bring home to eat in secret from my oldest daughter, who also wants all things tiramisu. It’s hard to find a good tiramisu within reasonable driving limits that doesn’t taste like it’s been defrosting out of the freezer.

I’ve concluded that there are at least two places to go where I know they should have my dessert of choice on hand.

My top pick is the Mudd Pie at the Buckhorn Steakhouse. It’s a little taste of all of my favorites flavors in one. Coffee ice cream, chocolate drizzle, crumbly crust and a topping of crunchy nuts. The whipped layer on top is the silver lining. I don’t like to share it, but with the right friends (or if my daughters happen to be with me), I would.

On occasion, I’ll treat myself to an order of Cajun Steak Bites and a Mudd Pie. It’s the best trick I’ve found to enjoying bites of steak and having enough room for dessert. Sometimes I get wild and get the Ceasar Pleaser and a Mudd Pie, but sometimes that’s pushing it.

My family’s favorite place to get a sweet treat is Kona Ice Shop. Between the options of shaved ice, frozen yogurt or ice cream — everyone (all six to eight of us depending on if all the children are home) can find something they like.

I tend to gravitate to the Kauai Pie ice cream. Coffee ice cream with macadamia nuts, chocolate fudge and coconut mixed in — are you sensing a similar pattern here? I have ventured to other flavors, but my most picked one is the Kauai Pie.

My kids can’t make up their minds between the three. My youngest daughter always orders the Mermaid shaved ice. Once in a while she gets chocolate ice cream. My two older daughters order based on their moods that day. We always end up sampling or trading bites when we go since everyone always orders something different.

I encourage you to eat dessert first every once in a while. You deserve it. At least, that what I tell myself.

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