That Hometown Taste: A real taste of fall

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My husband and I took advantage of a few hours without children to go enjoy an early dinner date on Friday. The ability to eat and enjoy a meal while it is still hot seems to be a rarity for me with a four year old at home.

I took advantage of the situation and settled down with an order of jalapeño jelly and one of the new cocktails crafted by Preserve’s cocktail creator Aaron Garcia. If you are new to town or have yet to try the jalapeño jelly, I urge you to give it a chance. It’s one of my all-time favorites items on their menu. I’ve been known to bring home a jar of it to enjoy on my own time.

We have our favorite staple meals at Preserve, but if you want to enjoy the season you must try one of their newest dishes. Some people believe that pumpkin spice is what fall is all about. Apple cider is another popular choice most would default too. 

While I personally tend to lean more toward apple cider over pumpkin spice — I will boldly step into the “tastes like fall” ring to declare that title belongs to the Red Kuri Squash dish at Preserve.

From the first bite of warm, brown buttery, espresso vinaigrette deliciousness I knew I had found a new favorite. There was truly a warmth of happiness and delight that spread from that first bite. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy food — and the Red Kuri Squash is a must-try this month.

The second bite was when I dared to pair the squash with the dry ricotta (made in house) and compressed Asian pears it is served with. The sweetness and slight crunch from the pear cut with the richness and warmth from the squash and brown butter.

If the wind and chill from the weather did feel like fall, this dish will make you feel like you’re eating what the season should taste like. ​​Chef Jay Peacock is some kind of culinary wizard to craft such a flavor and experience with something as simple as squash and pears.

You may recall that I am always down for a good collaboration. This dish brings the best from local places. The squash comes from Terra Firma Farm and the espresso vinaigrette is created from Steady Eddy’s coffee. This is a dish you can be proud to get behind.

If squash truly isn’t your cup of tea, one of my favorite go-to meals at Preserve is Mary’s Organic Fried Chicken. It is elegantly simple and minimalist in presentation, but packs huge flavor and depth in each bite.

Once you’ve tried Preserve’s fried chicken, you’ll say good-bye to the greasy bucket of fast food fried chicken for good. The meat is flavorful and is seasoned on the outside with a hint of spice. The fried herbs on top may seem extra, but if you sprinkle some of those in with a bite, it will enhance the experience.

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