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Written by Juan Fernandez, translated by the Winters Express Studies have concluded that the amount of time children spend watching television has a direct relationship with their weight, the incidence of obesity being higher among children who spend more hours in front of the TV. Along with the lack of physical activity and poor diet, television contributes to the problem of obesity among children and adolescents. On average, children in this country spend more than four and a half hours daily in front of a screen, whether watching television, videos, video games or the computer. Children who spent more than four hours in front of the television had more body fat than those who watched it for less than two hours, children who were not allowed to watch television more than one hour a day had a much lower incidence of overweight than those who watched television longer. It was found that children who watched more television on a daily basis were less likely to participate in physical activities. This lack of activity, coupled with poor diet and increased consumption of mass media, contributes to health problems for children, such as high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, diabetes, gallbladder disease and interruption of the breathing rhythm when sleeping.   One of the best ways to combat inactivity is to monitor the fun habits of children. Start by setting a good example for your children and watch less television. Children whose parents watch more than two hours of television every day spend much more time entertained with television, the Internet, videos and video games.  You can guide your children well so that they can enjoy an active and healthy life by following the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics: Do not have a television in children’s rooms. Those who have a television in their bedroom see it on average 4.6 hours more each week and are more likely to be overweight. Limit to two hours a day the total amount of time children can spend in front of a screen (television, video, computer, video games). The probability that they are overweight increases for each additional hour they watch on a daily basis.   Sit down to watch TV with your children and talk about what they saw. Encourage your children to entertain themselves in other ways, such as activities that include both physical and social aspects. For example: 4-H clubs, school and community clubs, some class after school, and participating in activities with the family. It is a fact that exercise and physical activity can help control weight, reduce high blood pressure and decrease feelings of depression and anxiety.]]>

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