Health and Wellness: A sense of community

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In the Western world, when we hear “Health and Wellness”, we most often think of diet, doctors and exercise. As these do play a very important role in our wellbeing, there are also many additional tools available that can be incorporated. The mind, body and soul concept suggest that in order to maintain ideal health we need a balanced lifestyle, which includes mental, physical, emotional as well as spiritual wellbeing. I know this sounds like a lot of work, and I do have to admit it is more time consuming than your annual checkup to the doctor. However, I assure you it is much more fun, and most find it very empowering to be able to reclaim one’s health and happiness. Part of the mind, body and soul concept embraces ‘nourishment’ and ‘community’. This means providing nourishment to our mind, body and soul as well as extending nourishment and support to others as well as our communities. Family, friends and a sense of community is vital for a healthy and balanced life. Having said that, it’s no wonder Winters is such a desirable place to live. We who have been blessed to live here know the strong sense of community that runs deep through the very core of this little town. For example, the morning routine of stopping by Steady Eddy’s for the perfect Latte (that you do not even have to tell them how you want it, because they already know) and having the chance to say hello to friends and neighbors while there will definitely put a smile on your face. How about visiting the Winters Community Theatre? It is sure to offer a barrel of laughs with its wonderful theatrical performances and familiar faces. Let’s not forget the Palms Theatre, enriching our lives and nourishing our very soul with it beautiful melodies and performers. Or how about the beautiful and tranquil Putah Creek? It provides a sanctuary for humans and animals alike. It is a place to take a break from the busy world around us and simply take a walk, meditate, or perhaps just reconnect with nature. Our new wooden park is the perfect example to end with. It is a place built by our community for our community, a place where our children play and gather, a place where screams and laughter fill the air while joy and happiness fills their hearts. Is that not what we all long for? As I end, I would like to remind you that summer and fun go hand-in-hand, so I ask that you invite your inner child to come out and play. Go ahead, indulge…I dare you! A few suggestions on how to invite your inner child to play: 1) Jump on a trampoline 2) Dance 3) Ride a bike 4) Swim in the creek  ]]>

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