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Health is an important part of our lives and most of the time we think that nothing will happen to us. Although we go through ailments we never believe that these will overcome us, because in our minds we feel that we will exist forever. We see death in others, but not in ourselves. Because of this we are reluctant to believe that we are weak and that the body is an instrument that over time suffers wear and that we have to avoid submitting to very rigorous activities that go beyond their physical forces. The body’s durability will depend on the care we give it. We go to the doctor to cure our ailments. That way of thinking is in opposition to the teachings and learnings of their profession. More than cure, the role of the doctor is to prevent the disease or ailment from happening. Therefore, visits to the doctor should be done when we feel healthy, not just when we get sick. If we do so, we cannot only prevent something negative from happening, but an ailment can be detected in time and the treatment can be more effective. But as we usually do the opposite, we suffer from ailments for a longer time and expose ourselves. We worry that we will receive bad news that the condition will limit our daily activities which disturb our minds and mood. Without good health we can not fully enjoy what life brings us. On the other hand, when approaching the doctor we have to leave behind attitudes and prejudices that prevent us from finding the results we are looking for. Many of us believe that when we get to the doctor’s office, we arrive at the office of a magician or preacher who, with a magic wand, will guess what we have. No, to make a clear diagnosis of what we suffer the doctor needs our collaboration. We must answer the questions that the doctor asks us without fear. We must also ask questions and not be left with doubts. Only then will we get a clear idea of ​​the ailments that affect us. There are a lot of illnesses and diseases that are linked to our relatives. These are part of our health history, which is important for the doctor to know. Today it has been determined that many forms of cancer, heart disease and diabetes are inherited from genetics. If there are or there were some cases of these diseases in your family, it is good to let the doctor know. We must also leave behind those traditional taboos that interfere in the patient’s medical relationship. One of them, very widespread among Hispanic men, is to avoid having the prostate examined by the method that is still used. We must add that a balanced diet is an essential element to keep us in good health. We must avoid the excessive use of fats and introduce into our diet the abundant use of vegetables and fruits. Let’s not forget to exercise either three times a week. Some adults believe that exercise is for young people, and the rocking chair and the television are best after a day of work. We have to give up that habit even if it’s good for our tired body. To exercise you do not have to go to a gym or a sophisticated club with all the modern exercise accessories. Going for a walk is a way to exercise that costs nothing. In this way we also encourage younger people, who with the electronic games of today lead a sedentary life and are moving away from sports. This is contributing to an increase in the number of young people who are overweight and, consequently, to a high incidence of diabetes among this sector of the population. By contributing to the good health of the new generation we are making a great contribution to their future happiness.  ]]>

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