Annual Winters fireworks celebration relocating 

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For the first time this year the City of Winters will be celebrating Independence Day this year with food, drink and fireworks on Tuesday, July 3, 2018,  at the Shirley Rominger Intermediate School grounds.

Why on the 3rd instead of the 4th? CSO Gail Jimenez of the Winters Police Department states that having the fireworks on display on the 3rd instead of the 4th allows for a “much larger show for less money”. In other words, the cost for having the fireworks on the 3rd instead of the 4th is cheaper. CSO Jimenez added another factor for not having it on the 4th is that the City of Winters no longer has personnel certified with a polytechnics license to ignite fireworks and has not for the last few years.

Spectators of the event are encouraged to walk, ride your bike, skateboard, scoot, skip, taxi and/or carpool to the event to ease on congestion of traffic. However, if you do need to drive, additional parking will be available at the end of Niemann Street on the northeast side of the school (located at 502 Niemann Street). Please be mindful to not park in the tall grass to prevent a fire.

Be aware that street parking as well as access to school(s) and church parking lots will vary for this day due to the circumference deemed safe for the fireworks display and traffic needs. Violations such as blocking driveways and fire hydrants, parking in no parking areas or private property will result in a tow of car(s) at the owner’s expense.

Spectators of the event are welcomed to bring blankets and/or lawn chairs beginning at 6 p.m. to view from the Winters Middle School as well as the Shirley Rominger Intermediate school grounds. Canopies will also be allowed, but must be taken down at dusk for the fireworks display. Do not bring alcohol, glass containers, or fireworks of any kind to the school grounds.  Coolers are allowed, but will be checked upon entry. Certified service dogs (not including emotional support animals) will be allowed. Pizza and assorted drinks will be sold by an additional fundraiser entity at the event. Please contact Karla Sanders at (530) 795-4910 ext. 100 regarding questions, donations and vendor information. Applications for vendors will be accepted until Friday, June 29th.
Shirley Rominger Intermediate School will host annual fireworks display at dusk on July 3rd

Safety tips to do before the fireworks show:

  1. Water lawn and all landscaping well
  2. Make sure all fire extinguishers are good
  3. Secure all pets indoors and in a kennel (perhaps with some background music to help blare out the booms, crackles and pops)
  4. Bring extra water to stay hydrated
  5. Bring some cash to keep this annual tradition going.

Private show of sane fireworks in residential areas before and after the 3rd are to ignite responsibly. Follow the above guidelines and the following tips to light safely:

  1. Fill a couple buckets of water (one for shot fireworks and one in case of a fire).
  2. Grab a shovel to scoop up extinguished fireworks and place into a bucket of water.
  3. Ignite firework only on concrete/stoned or barren dirt of away from the houses, building structures and flammable materials.
  4. Only ignite sane and safe fireworks at marked by the state of California.
  5. Step back several feet immediately after lighting and maintain distance until firework has completely designated.
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