Capstone Project raising funds to support community members in need for the holidays

Julio Beraun, a Winters High School senior, is looking to raise $6,000 to provide support for 13 families who have registered to be recipients of his Holiday Drive Capstone Project. (Courtesy photo)

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A Winters High School senior is raising funds through a GoFundMe campaign to support community members in need through a Holiday Drive for his Senior Capstone Project.

Julio Beraun is looking to raise $6,000 to provide an assortment of support for 13 families who have registered to be recipients of his Holiday Drive Capstone Project.

“Many community members have been hit severely by the COVID-19 pandemic which has left them in a need of financial security,” Beraun said.

There are two components to Beraun’s Holiday Drive Capstone Project, finding contributors and supporting recipients. Beraun called the role of a contributor vital as those are the individuals who are helping to provide funding to support the recipients.

“My primary goal is to simply give back to the community. I’ve wanted to find a way to give back to the community and my senior capstone presented an opportunity for me to give back,” Beraun said.

His inspiration behind his Capstone Project came from the difficult obstacles he faced when his family moved from the Bay Area to Winters.

“Leaving a big city environment for a small rural community I felt lost. I had to start over and meet new people. Winters welcomed me with such open arms and the atmosphere was so comforting that it allowed me to become more social with the community,” Beraun said.

He noted the staff and community at Steady Eddy’s Coffee Shop were a big support and inspiration.

“I have been going to the coffee shop for years and you could feel the sense of warmth and family once you go in there. That’s the main reason that I wanted to give back. Winters has become a family to me and I know I feel welcome no matter where I’m headed in town. The community helped me settle in and doing this Holiday Drive is my gift to the community,” Beraun said.

Beraun has already worked to collect donations of food, gift cards and more to provide for families. In part of his Capstone Project, Beraun has partnered up with the WHS Friday Night Live group to organize a blanket drive to provide warmth for families who don’t have access to heating in the winter.

Although the collection of material donations is over, Beraun is still collecting financial donations through a GoFundMe campaign. The campaign funding will go toward providing financial support to the recipients to help them with anything from rental payments, to buying gas or grocery bills.

“For the GoFundMe, the money will be going directly to the recipients. In order to make sure that each family receives a sufficient amount, I have set a donation goal of $6,000 with the money fully going to them,” Beraun said.

The community can help to support Beraun’s Holiday Drive Capstone Project through a GoFundMe campaign at

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