Carol Scianna: City Council candidate

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In part of the 2022 Election coverage, the Winters Express if featuring Meet the Candidate articles to share information about the candidates with the community. Each week will feature two candidates between the City Council and Board of Trustee line ups.

Carol Scianna has lived in Winters for 42 years, and in that time has seen the city more than triple in size, and has spent much of that time working with the city and the council to make it better. She is one of five candidates running to fill one of the three City of Winters City Council seats in November.

Scianna believes that the City Council’s main function is to represent the public, getting input from the community, “as to what the vision of the community is” allowing, “residents come to us and voice their concerns,” positively or negatively, and to carry these ideas as direction to the staff of the city. The council then works on issues like the controlled expansion of the city and commercial endeavors.

Scianna cited her 16 years of work with the City of Winters in public works and environmental services as a key experience that helped qualify her for the City Council, where she would, “work with all the regional, state, county, (and) federal agencies to make sure we were doing everything correctly,” including with the city’s, “stormwater, sewer water…city improvements, sidewalks, the railroad bridge,” and many other projects. She noted that these public works also included complex budgets that gave her experience in understanding how to manage the city budgets and to work within those parameters to still get work done for the city, as well as how to collaborate between the different city agencies.

Scianna’s work also includes helping install the flashing speed beacon by Neimann and Village Circle, and suggesting in response to community concerns about unsafe crossings that the City Council could increase police presence around certain intersections and conduct further traffic studies to understand where resources can be used to make these places safer.

Scianna also made sure to highlight her work with local nonprofits, which she sees as important means of reaching out to the community and increasing engagement between residents and the city, something she sees as another goal for the city. She says both traditional and social media are obviously important as means of engaging with the community, but also proposed hosting nonprofit meetups in local parks to connect residents with groups to get involved.

Scianna acknowledges that, “people are busy with their families and working,” and don’t always have lots of time to give, but still believes the city can “find better ways to reach out,” to everyone to encourage meaningful connections between the city and its residents in whatever form is most comfortable and productive for everyone.

As a City Council member, Scianna says her biggest priorities include ensuring, “housing needs are expanded, and we have more opportunities for people who are struggling financially,” as well as creating more jobs in Winters so people can, “work and live,” in the same space. She also emphasized the importance of maintaining Winter’s environment, such as making sure Winters has access to new sources of water, keeping the city prepared for fires, and planting trees around Winters, which can “help deal with heat, helps beautify the town, raises property values, [and] makes the town more walkable.”

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