City Manager's Update – July 26, 2018

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  • The Economic Development Advisory Committee will meet on Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 5:30 in the downstairs conference room at City Hall. The theme for this week will be “Collaboration” and the speakers will be representatives from the Solano Economic Development Corporation and Solano College. The session will also include a review of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis which is under way, along with a discussion of regional contacts for economic collaboration. This is going to be a really good meeting.
  • Street parking in town is limited to 72 continuous hours in any one location. In response to numerous complaints received city-wide, the Winters Police Department will begin proactively enforcing Municipal Code 10.16.050, which prohibits leaving unattached trailers on any street or alley for any period of time as well as parking any vehicle or recreational vehicle for more than (72) hour consecutive hours.
  • Citing and/or removing vehicles and unattached trailers pursuant to this section has historically been undertaken by the Police Department only in response to specific complaints. Unfortunately, the issues with these vehicles and trailers have increased around town and decreased the quality of life for many residents. In most cases, the Police Department will issue warnings to vehicles and trailers in violation of the Municipal Code prior to taking enforcement action. Vehicles that are clearly inoperable or have expired registration for more than 6 months may be towed immediately. A permit can be obtained from the Winters Police Department to temporarily store a recreational vehicles or unattached trailer on the street for up to 5 days at a time. Please see Winters Municipal Code 10.16.270 “Exemptions—Issuance of permits,” the Winters Police Department website at records-services/, or call the Winters Police Department for further information.
    • The Planning Commission will have meetings on July 24 and August 14. On July 24, the Commission will hold a public hearing regarding the Creekside Estates Subdivision located on the corner of Grant Ave/Main Street. The Commission will also hold study sessions on Food Trucks and AirBnbs.
    • The August 14 Meeting will include a Public Hearing on a proposed Downtown Parking Master Plan and a presentation regarding the status of the City’s General Plan.
    • Staff is expecting a re-submittal of the plans for the proposed Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites within the next few weeks.
    • Homelessness is becoming a pervasive issue in Yolo County with impacts occurring county-wide, including in Winters. Look for an increased discussion by cities in the upcoming weeks and months. It’s a HUGE problem.
    • The Heartland Subdivision has paved a number of streets and is preparing for the construction of models. The project is starting to shape up!
    • Winters Police conducted a sweep of encampments in Putah Creek. A noticing procedure and trespass information is being provided to property owners along the creek.
    • The City Council has authorized the City Attorney to defend the City and respond to an suit brought against the City by the Friends of Putah Creek.
    Finally, the City transitioned with the swearing in of recently elected City Council members and the selection of Bill Biasi as Mayor. Also sworn in were Tracy Jensen as City Clerk and Shelly Gunby as City Treasurer. An issue covered in a couple letters to the editor, articles in the newspaper and on social media has been the passage of Measure G calling for the appointment of the City Clerk and Treasurer positions. A little more background: Measure G was advanced under the notion that both the City Clerk and Treasurer positions had evolved into more professional and qualified positions versus purely representative positions. In order for the City Clerk to carry out the full range of duties, the person should become a certified municipal clerk requiring considerable advanced training and certification. Similarly, the City Treasurer requires professional training and acumen to fulfill the required duties and provide the necessary fiduciary financial responsibilities implied in the title and spirit of the position. Thus the concept of appointment of persons into these jobs has become necessary. In 2004, the Department of Financial Management was established within the City based on the elevation of the complexity of many efforts being undertaken by the City. The City reformatted our financial management procedures, advanced the complexity of our budgeting and financial reporting along with preparation to issue debt financing for both redevelopment and water/sewer improvements. Part of the evaluation of the fiscal qualification of a community by rating agencies and underwriters is a consideration of the professional management structure of the City organization and the capacity of the financial management to fulfill long term obligations. Thus we created the Department of Financial Management which summarily absorbed the duties of the Treasurer.   The decision to move forward with Measure G was facilitated with the announced retirement of long time City Clerk. Nanci was the consummate professional and recognized the evolution of the position (she was a certified municipal clerk) and the importance of having a qualified professional in the position to protect the interests of the City. Because the duties of the Treasurer were now with the Department of Financial Management, it became only natural that we would advance a measure for the appointment of both.   Mike Sebastian who has served as the City Treasurer has provided incredible volunteer service to our community. The sole responsibility of his job the past 12 years has been that of an emergency check signer, a role he will continue to do. It is our full intent to recognize Mike’s service at an upcoming Council Meeting.   Have a nice weekend.   John]]>

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