Coffee partnership brings Hawaii to town

Steady Eddy’s is bringing Kona coffee to Winters. (Courtesy image)

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Steady Eddy’s Coffee House will be providing Winters with a taste of Hawaii in the form of the newly stocked Kona coffee bean, which will be launched on May 13. Owner Carla Wroten spoke to the Winters Express to tell us about Kona coffee, why Steady Eddy’s has decided to sell it, and what customers can expect.

Wroten explained that Steady Eddy’s will be getting its Kona coffee from Greg and Susy Stille of Monarch Coffee, which she said “is located on the cool slopes of Hualālai, in the Kona District of the Big Island of Hawaii” the “famous, 20-mile stretch of land is the only place in the United States where authentic, gourmet 100 percent Kona coffee is grown and cultivated.”

Wroten says that getting to this decision to sell Kona coffee “all started by chance” when her husband Jamell (Mel) met the Stille’s son Josh outside Ficelle three years ago, as the Stille family are Yolo County natives. 

“Mel told me later that it was definitely a surprise to hear a young kid know so much about coffee and asking so many questions. Mel asked if his parents were around and he quickly discovered they owned a Kona Coffee Farm,” Wroten said.

Since then, Wroten says she and Mel have “embarked on a new coffee journey this past year” which included visiting Monarch Coffee in Kona last summer and plan on visiting them again during their October harvest. She says they also work with Monarch’s roaster and the Stilles daughter, Abby, who is “a known expert coffee consultant” and is working with the Wrotens “closely on special projects/business goals throughout the year.”

Wroten says she hopes the addition of the Monarch’s Kona coffee will be “another exciting coffee offering for our community” as well as a chance to celebrate the Stilles and Monarch Coffee.

“We are all about experiences at Steady Eddy’s and this is just one more example where we are trying to celebrate coffee as well as the producer. We want the family to come out and enjoy our event. We will have our shop fully open plus some specials,” Wroten said.

The launch will be Saturday, May 13, at a special event at Steady Eddy’s between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., which will include stories from the coffee farm, coffee samples and drink specials.

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