Council formalizes Hispanic Advisory Committee as standing committee

The Hispanic Advisory Committee has been working hard in preparation for this week’s Festival de la Comunidad, planned for Saturday, Sept. 30. From left are (front) Dagoberto Fierros, Ismael Castro, Maria Gutierrez, Leticia Quirarte, Rosa Vasquez, Alicia Chavez, Gina Campbell and Yolanda Alanis: Crescencio Mejía, Marisela Duran, Dick Holdstock, Baldo Arce, Ramon Altamirano, Al Vallecillo, Jesse Loren, Alfonso Salas and Noe Solaria. Photo by Woody Fridae

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The Winters Hispanic Advisory Committee (HAC) has served the community since 2005 and has presented various fundraising activities, like the annual Festival de la Comunidad (Carnitas Festival).

With HAC’s growth and success, HAC members created a nonprofit earlier this year from what had been acting as an “informal” advisory committee to the City of Winters. “Informal” because when it was authorized by a city resolution, it was only authorized for a period of six months which ended long ago.

HAC has presented community events in collaboration with the city and continues to raise funds, but realized they were functioning as a nonprofit, not an advisory committee.

In February, HAC members branched out and formed the Winters Community Corazón Foundation (WCCF), a 501(c)(3) organization. In Spanish, “corazón” means heart, love, courage and is also used as a term of endearment.

City Manager Kathleen Salguero Trepa said the city is holding $34,197 of funds raised by HAC activities in an exclusive account for the benefit of HAC’s programs.

At the Dec. 21 meeting, the Winters City Council approved establishing the HAC as a standing committee and appointed members. 

Council also approved transferring $33,000 of HAC’s funds to the new nonprofit WCCF, and leaving the remaining funds in the City’s HAC account to support minor costs associated with HAC programming.

As a standing committee, HAC will be required to comply with the Brown Act and present the city with an annual workplan.

Four-year term appointments were made to install Leticia Quirarte, Maria Gutierrez, Alicia Chavez Campbell and Al Vallecillo as HAC members. Two-year term appointments were made for Rosa Vasquez, Irene Goya Tweedt and Ramon Altamirano. Baldomero Arce, Ismael Castro and Alfonso Salas were appointed as alternates.

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