County COVID town hall meeting: Still, a long way to go

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At the first Winters area town hall meeting since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yolo County Supervisor, District 2 Don Saylor, and his staff, gave a clear message: The public holds the key to getting back to normal.

Saylor began the Zoom meeting with a bit of cheerleading to the more than 35 people in attendance: “The people of Yolo County have truly stepped up… to do as well as we can during the pandemic.”

The slide show following those remarks, presented by County Administrator Patrick Blacklock, featured a grim dose of reality:

  • Testing positivity rates going up.
  • Hospitalizations going up.
  • Cases in Winters increasing.
  • Test results delayed.
  • And, Yolo County still on the State Monitoring list for the foreseeable future.

At one point, when asked if there would be a return to a full countywide shelter in place, Blacklock said he did not foresee that happening because, “I’m dubious about community compliance if we were to do that.”

He added that even when there was a shelter in place decree, large social gatherings were still being held.

Blacklock emphasized the key was learning to live with the virus and keep it at a lower rate of spread—This means face coverings and good social practices.

And, “So far we have not been doing a good job of that,” he said.

It seems that people cannot help themselves: “It has been primarily in our social gatherings and our mixing of family of friends that we have not been doing a good job of (stopping the spread),” he said.

Blacklock praised local business for doing their best to comply with county protocols. And, he added that there have been no protocol enforcement issues in Winters.

However, Blacklock added, because the county remains on the state monitoring list, county officials are limited on what they can do to move back to “normal.”

What businesses can do, he said, was call the county help line to get advice on protocols and how best to follow them. The number is 833-965-6268.

As the one-hour meeting came to a close, Saylor’s opening words summed up what needs to happen to get back to indoor dining, kids in classrooms, and showing teeth when you smile: the people of Yolo County need to step up.

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