County releases emergency preparedness report

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 The Yolo County Commission on Aging and Adult Services recently identified in a report emergency preparation and evacuation necessities for older adults and persons with access or functional needs. The report will be presented to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors during the January 28th Board meeting.

The report encompasses recommendations for the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and the Yolo County Commission of Aging and Adult Services, a suggested plan of action for local aging commissions, as well as background and supporting information. Recent fires, floods, and electrical outages have highlighted the urgency for Yolo County to be prepared in the next emergency.

“As Chair of the Yolo County Commission on Aging and Adult Services, I am well aware of the severe risks that elderly and disabled residents face during fire, flood or other disasters,” said Yolo County Supervisor Jim Provenza. “This report provides a road map for Yolo County, our cities and our local aging commissions to take concrete action to protect our elderly and disabled population during a disaster. I am grateful to the members of the Commission and our Disaster Preparedness Subcommittee for their months of hard work on this project.”

Included in the report are: recommendations for a Special Needs Alert Program to identify and serve those with special needs during an emergency; measures to assure that licensed care facilities have adequate evacuation plans; training on Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia for emergency workers; and help for those who rely on medical equipment during power outages. After presenting these recommendations to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors, city councils, and local aging commissions in the county, YCCAAS will monitor progress in the implementation of the recommendations and provide assistance as needed.

“Supervisor Jim Provenza had the foresight to bring the issue of disaster preparedness to the Yolo County Commission on Aging and Adult Services, to make sure the elderly and disabled in our area are not left behind in an emergency,” said Elaine Roberts Musser, vice chair of the Yolo County Commission on Aging and Adult Services. “It is going to take a group effort and earnest collaboration between the county, cities, and citizens themselves to ensure that the elderly and disabled are not forgotten in a crisis. Good preparation is the key to survival and every government agency and person must take the responsibility to prepare for any eventuality, whenever it comes.”

To print or read the report online, scroll to the bottom of the page at:


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