‘Don’t Light Tonight’ advisory continues for the fifth consecutive day

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(Davis, CA) – The “Don’t Light Tonight” advisory that started on Friday, Dec. 8, continues into its fifth consecutive day to Tuesday, Dec. 12.

Tuesday’s particulate matter pollution (PM2.5) is forecast to reach 82 (Moderate). A strong upper-level ridge of high pressure has been sitting over California reducing atmospheric mixing while light and variable winds are limiting pollutant dispersion. Furthermore, cold overnight temperatures are creating a temperature inversion in the morning and evening hours. The inversion acts like a lid, trapping pollutants close to the ground and allowing them to build up. These conditions, combined with pollutant carryover from previous days, are causing particle levels to be Moderate. These conditions are expected to linger this week and may extend the Don’t Light Tonight advisory.

Wood smoke is a major wintertime source of air pollution, creating a significant portion of the particle pollution in urban areas due to stagnant air conditions and inversion layers. Wood smoke ends up lingering close by and can create health issues for neighboring residents, such as coughing, and exacerbating existing conditions, such as asthma.

If burning wood is the sole source of heat in a home, consider an EPA-certified appliance or burn dry, split, well-seasoned wood. Items that should not be burned include wet wood, plywood and cardboard. Burning household trash, painted wood, plastic and rubber are strictly prohibited.

For more information about the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District, including signing up for air quality alerts and the monthly newsletter, visit:www.ysaqmd.org. Connect with the District on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/YoloSolanoAir or on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/YoloSolanoAir.


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