Eagle Drug officially closing down after 32 years in business

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After 32 years of serving the Winters community, Eagle Drug announced they would be closing the doors of both their Winters and Esparto locations on Monday.

A letter penned to patients and customers from owners Jodie and Zeb Becker hung on the entrance said they would be closing by the end of October.

“We have been involved as owners of Eagle Drug for over five years and it has been a pleasure being part of this small community. We have enjoyed getting to know you and having the support of so many wonderful people means the world to our Eagle Drug family,” the letter stated.

Patients who currently are using the pharmacy are able to have their prescriptions transferred. Jodie Becker told the Express that Wednesday, Oct. 28 was the last day the Winters location would be open to the public to fill or pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy. Afterwards, prescriptions would be automatically transferred to the CVS Pharmacy in Dixon located at 1057 N. 1st St.

Prescriptions fulfilled at the Esparto location were automatically transferred on Tuesday, Oct. 27 to the CVS Pharmacy in Woodland located at 7 West Main St.

The Eagle Drug Winters store will remain open after the pharmacy closes with liquidation sales of non-prescription items available for purchase.

Erik Daniells, one of the owners of an independent pharmacy, Corner Drug located at 602 Main St. in Woodland, contacted the Express to inform the community they are an option for Winters residents to transfer their prescriptions.

Daniells said they will be providing a delivery service to Winters starting on Oct. 28. Prescription deliveries to Winters will occur during a 2-hour delivery window on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Patients should call Corner Drug at 530-662-2813 to transfer their prescriptions.

He said they have also been in contact with Eagle Drug and the Winters Healthcare Foundation regarding prescription transfers to their pharmacy.

“We do offer contactless delivery if people prefer us to leave it outside. We don’t typically do that but this is a special circumstance during this pandemic,” Daniells said. “For our services, we offer medication reviews, have a large over the counter and toy department. We also offer special packaging designed to help our customers remember when to take their medication.”

Corner Drug also offers a medsync program for patients who are on several medications. The service coordinates their days supply and they’ll fill all of their prescriptions at the same time so they get one delivery a month instead of multiple.

Daniells noted deliveries are currently free for all patients, but once the COVID pandemic is over they will have a $5 delivery charge, however medsync program patients receive one free delivery a month.

Becker said Eagle Drug’s current phone number 530-795-4123 will directly send phone calls to the CVS Pharmacy after their pharmacy’s officially shut down on Oct. 28.

Community members flocked to social media with compassion and sadness over the businesses announcement.

Eagle Drug has been a big supporter of many fundraisers and organizations in the community over the years.

Becker said small businesses,more now than ever, need community support to survive.

She noted local businesses give back to the community, but will not be able to keep their doors open or give back if the community does not support those businesses. 

Eagle Drug is just the latest in a line of local businesses that have closed due to strict regulations during the Pandemic. The Palms Playhouse, The Scoop, Yolo Trader Bistro and Edge Fitness Academy all previously closed their doors since the Governor first issued shelter in place orders in March.

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