Elections Office expediting new ballots to 126 Winters voters

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On Friday, the Yolo County Elections Office announced they had determined that of the 115,260 Vote-by-Mail ballots mailed out this week, 581 registered voters countywide had received a ballot containing an incorrect local race or measure.

In Winters 126 registered voters received ballots with incorrect information. Residents reported to the Express the error was found in the local Winters Joint Unified School District Board of Trustee Area 3 and Area 5 candidate races.

The main area affected include residents who reside on:

  • Kennedy Drive.
  • Ireland Street.
  • Potter Street.
  • Niemann Street.

The Elections Office reported the error occurred due to a transitioning of data systems where not all streets were correctly carried over to their appropriate precinct. Their staff determined the number of impacted voters and households shortly after confirming the report of an error, and as of Monday had re-issued all 581 ballots, mailed out first class.

Impacted voters should be receiving a packet with a corrected ballot and a new County Information Guide by the middle of this week.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and are working diligently to resolve this issue,” says Jesse Salinas, Yolo County Registrar of Voters.

Registered voters contacted by the Elections Office who received a ballot with incorrect contests should discard that ballot and fill out and return the newly issued one.

In the event a voter has already filled out and mailed back their originally received ballot, the Elections Office will cancel that ballot once the new one is received. This plan of action is to ensure that no voter is able to vote twice.

Voters who have a question about their ballot or believe they’ve received something in error should call the Yolo County Elections Office at 530-666-8133.

Trustee Area 5 candidate race
Trustees unanimously approved to hire Lisa Dennis as the new Human Resources Administrator at the school district office at a special meeting of the Winters JUSD school board on Thursday, Oct. 8.

In an email to the Express, Dennis said she planned to contact the Elections Office on Friday to notify them of the situation.

“With the new position I am no longer eligible to serve on the school board. It was too late to withdraw when the position came available,” Dennis told the Express.

Dennis previously had been announced as a challenging candidate for the Trustee Area 5 race along with incumbent Rudolph Muldong and challenger Everardo Zaragoza.

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