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Jacob Hoffman (Courtesy photo)

The Winters Express brought on new staff writer Jacob Hoffman to its editorial team this month.

Hoffman is responsible for covering the City of Winters City Council, Planning Commission, and Winters Joint Unified School District meetings, as well as other City and community-related news.

Hoffman had been freelance writing for the Express as a correspondent reporter on election news and City related topics since September. He said he is looking forward to being part of the efforts to bring news to the community.

“I’m excited to join the ranks of the Winters Express, whose stellar dedication to truthful and informative coverage for the people of Winters speaks for itself,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman has experience in a number of writing positions for online sites like the Organization for World Peace, WhoWhatWhy, and Video Librarian, working as a correspondent, an editorial intern, and an article writer.

Crystal Apilado, Express Editor-in-Chief, said she didn’t want to pass up on Hoffman’s experience in election news and his willingness to dive into local government coverage.

“It’s not easy to find journalists who not only understand how local government works but who are also brazen enough to ask the hard questions,” Apilado said. “Jacob is not only qualified and willing to do the work, but he understands the importance of providing the facts and important information to the community in an unbiased way, so residents can make the decisions they need to regarding community happenings. I’m excited to bring him onto my team.”

Hoffman said he’s looking forward to helping connect residents with their local government representatives and bringing them the information they need to know about.

“In a small town like Winters, keeping everyone within the system of information is critical to maintaining open and transparent lines of communication, and I’m excited to keep the people of Winters connected with their local government and community,” Hoffman said.

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