Farmer’s Closet opening doors in downtown Winters

The Farmer’s Closet Boutique held a grand opening at their new Winters location on Friday, Oct. 16, 2020. Courtesy photo

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While so many businesses continue to struggle, the Farmer’s Closet Boutique continues to thrive. On Oct. 16 they hosted a grand opening at a second location in downtown Winters.

Their success, however, wasn’t realized overnight. Owners say it’s taken patience, risks, resolve, creativity and most important of all, family.

After their mother passed away in 2015, Amber Blanc and Lacy DeQuattro decided to start their own business in her honor. They called it Cowboy Nonie because that’s what the grandchildren used to call her – Nonie meaning “grandma” in Italian.

The sisters’ humble beginning was mobile, selling their products at country concerts and fairs. From there, they set up shop at the Winters Collective where business continued to flourish. They’ve since become known as Farmer’s Closet Boutique, moved out of the Winters Collective, opened another store front in Fairfield and now have their newest location on Main Street.

“We were waiting for that spot on Main Street for two years and found out the day before COVID hit it was available,” DeQuattro said about opening their new location. “We worked out a deal with the landlords and we signed the lease. Our husbands and children were in there every Sunday and we built every inch of that store.”

The pandemic forced the sisters to get creative with their business. They rebounded and created a virtual – and safe – shopping experience with their live sales and smart phone app.

“We’re known for doing live sales every Monday and Thursday night,” DeQuattro talked about their digital tradition. “We go on Facebook Live and on our app and people can watch and see what we’re selling. We answer questions and try on the clothes. We sell everything from small to triple XL, and after each live sale we have 100 to 200 orders.”

Before they opened their location in Winters, the sisters had ample opportunities to open in various locations around the country. At the end of the day, they opted for Winters, and continue to weave perfectly into the metaphorical community basket.

“It’s a dream for us. We had offers to open in Oregon to the east coast, and we chose Winters for Winters,” DeQuattro said laying out why they set up shop in the small town. “The people here are awesome, we have great landlords that care about small businesses. They want us to succeed, and the people here actually care about small town stores.”

The Farmer’s Closet Boutique undoubtedly reaps its success from the sisters’ work ethic, authenticity and sincerity for what they stand for. From toddlers to the elderly, this establishment has something on the shelf for everyone that walks in.

“There’s something for everybody and I mean that for 2-year-old’s baby clothes all the way up to the 105-year-old grandma,” DeQuattro said about their variety of products. “We have BBQ rubs, gifts, a men’s section with unique soaps. Our goal is to have something for literally anyone that walks through our doors. It’s very unique.”

As unique as they are passionate, the products on their shelves mean a lot more than a ‘sell’ to these hard-working ladies.

“Our mom had a simple way of life and you’ll see that in our clothing. It’s simple and comfortable,” DeQuattro talked about her connection to what’s in the store. “Our dad passed away too, so we have a dad’s candle called ‘Dad’s Mulled Cider.’ We also have a clothing line for him called ‘Legacy Seven.’ We’re always finding ways to honor them.”

Their tagline is “We have a style for every story, and a gift for every occasion.” To find out if that’s true, you can find this two-time winner of ‘Best Storefront’ in California at 9 Main St. in Winters, at 1500 Oliver Rd., Suit C in Fairfield or on their smartphone app (simply search ‘Farmer’s Closet Boutique’). They also host live sales on a Facebook Live and on their app spotlighting a home décor theme on Mondays and fashion on Thursdays, both at 6:30 p.m.

With a deep seeded connection with the community they’re a part of, the Farmer’s Closet Boutique will surely be a staple of Main Street.

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