Filing period for City Council candidates begins Nov. 12


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Winters residents with political aspirations should be advised of the filing period for candidacy in the upcoming municipal elections begins Nov. 12. All registered voters residing in the City of Winters are eligible to declare candidacy for one of the two Winters City Council seats to be filled in the upcoming municipal elections March 3, 2020. The two candidates to win the most votes will fill the seats—currently held by Mayor Bill Biasi and Council Member Jesse Loren.  Each of five council members serves a four-year term, with elections and the mayorship alternating every two years. The highest vote-getter in this year’s election will become Mayor Pro Tem for two years until assuming the role of Mayor, following current Mayor Pro Tem Wade Cowan, who will assume the post next year. Prospective candidates will be required to complete a nomination packet, obtained from City Clerk Tracy Jensen at City Hall, who recommends requesting an appointment to go over the information and requirements of the packet. Candidates must obtain 20 valid signatures from registered voters residing in the City of Winters on their Nomination Paper  Signatures from residents of nearby unincorporated Yolo and Solano Counties will not be counted toward the total, which will be verified by the Yolo Elections Office. Signatories can nominate only as many candidates as there are vacancies to be filled, which means two valid signatures per registered voter in 2020, to fill the seats of Council Member Loren and Mayor Biasi, who will have to will re-election following the completion of their four year terms that began in 2016, but three in 2022, Wade Cowan, who will be mayor, and Council Members Harold Anderson and Pierre Neu. If the Yolo Elections Office determines the signatures from any single registered voter exceed the number permitted this election, valid signatures will be counted towards the first two candidates to file only. Candidates could be disqualified if they fall short or 20 signatures, Jensen recommends candidates obtain 30 signatures in case invalid signatures are unknowingly submitted. If time permits, the candidate and go back out and obtain additional signatures. This has backfired on some recent candidates as they waited until the last minute to submit their completed nomination papers and they had less than 20 valid signatures,” Jensen said. In addition, the candidate must complete a Declaration of Candidacy/Oath of Office form, Ballot Designation Worksheet, Candidate Statement Form and Campaign Disclosure Statements. Campaign Disclosure Statements include forms to declare economic interests, campaign funding information for candidates who anticipate raising more than $2,000 without an open committee and the Candidate Intention Statement, required before soliciting or receiving contributions. Filing must be completed by 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 6. If one of the incumbents does not file by the Dec. 6 deadline, non-incumbents will have an additional five days to file candidacy, ending at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 11. Jensen can be reached at 530-794-6702 or by email at Correction: The above text correctly states that valid signatures will be counted on two candidate nomination papers, per registered voter, not one, as an earlier version of this article inaccurately reported. This number corresponds to the number of vacant city council seats to be filled by election. City Clerk Tracy Jensen mistakenly provided the factually inaccurate information to the Express. She informed the reporter upon learning of the mistake to request a correction. All parties concerned apologize for the error. ]]>

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