First WHS cross country club seeks members

High school students can join the first inaugural WHS cross country club.
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Winters High School athletics is gaining a new sport this year for the fall lineup. For the first time the Warriors will be able to compete as a cross country club with other schools. Head coach Jason Davis is teaming up with assistant coaches Dr. William Davis and Sarah McCullough to bring endurance running and an opportunity to be part of something new to students at WHS. The cross country club is a co-ed team, although statistics will be recorded by boys or girls and varsity or junior varsity. Jason said any students can be part of the first cross country club as endurance running is something anyone can do at different levels. He said besides the physical conditioning this is a sport students can do with their friends while they root for teammates and experience the greatest benefit of being a part of a team. “This is open to everyone and we’re still looking for people. We want to grow the program immediately, not just over the future. It’s something we want to be sustainable, long-term and something that continues to be an opportunity for students at Winters High School,” Jason said. William and McCullough both have experience running cross country in high school and college. William said a benefit of cross country running is that it is fundamentally regular training for runners and they learn how to pace themselves. “A lot of people come out for the fitness. It’s outdoors, it’s physical exercise and everyone gains fitness and feels physically better,” said William. “Some people are competitive and some are just out there because they enjoy getting some exercise.” He said in his cross country experience he wasn’t a star runner, but he had some success and was part of the team. He said learning to run was another part of the experience that became a benefit.  “I learned how to run. Eventually running almost felt like you were being carried. It was so easy to run,” William said. Jason said the WHS cross country club will participate in a combination of Sacramento Valley and Mountain Valley leagues with other high schools who have cross country teams. The cross country runners will get an opportunity to compete with a bigger variety of schools than WHS teams are used to, since not all high schools have a cross country club. Talk of adding a cross country club to the WHS sports line up has been in the works for years. Jason said he began talking to WHS Athletic Director Daniel Ward a little over two years ago when his son first started showing an interest in running. William said he originally began informal discussions about bringing in cross country to the high school with former Athletic Director and legendary WHS coach Jack Delbar. Jason said the goal is to build a sustainable cross country program and make it the best experience they can for students. He recognized there are other sports happening in the fall and they don’t want to detract students from participating in them. However, student athletes who do not play a fall sport and are looking to get some physical conditioning in for winter or spring sports might find cross country of interest.  William said any local running clubs or community members who run can contact him regarding partnership opportunities with the cross country club.  Students who want more information about the sport or for practice details can talk to Jason or Ward at the high school.]]>

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