Friday, Aug. 28 is last day of City Manager community input survey

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The Winters City Council put out a survey to the community last week to gather input from residents to help create the City Manager Candidate Profile.

The Candidate Profile is being created by Bobbi Peckham, President of Peckham & McKenney, Inc. The City retained the executive recruitment services of the firm to conduct the search for the next City Manager.

The creation of a Candidate Profile is the initial step of the recruitment process and will be used to actively recruit potential candidates.

Information submitted to the community-wide survey will further assist the Council and Peckham in the process of screening applicants. Survey responses will be received until Aug. 28.

Submit your input on the survey at

Mayor Wade Cowan said the Council wanted to give all the citizens of Winters the opportunity to give feedback as to what they hope to see in a new leader and to find out what they feel is important in the role of a City Manager. Mayor Pro Tempore Bill Biasi said the City Manager is the administrator of our city, overseeing and managing every aspect of daily operations.

“The role of the City Manager in a small community like Winters is the most important position at City Hall,” Cowan said. “He or she is responsible for all of the city’s employees (hiring/firing/job performance) and due to our size must also be capable of wearing multiple hats. Especially with the retirements we have had in the last year and the lack of funds to fill the positions due to COVID.”

Biasi added in that the City Manager must have the ability to understand and comprehend a multitude of city utilities including financial and budgetary issues, water and sewer services, public works, planning, employee relations; as well as being informed and complying with ever-changing state and federal

Cowan also said other challenges a City Manger faces is answering to not one, but five bosses (of the City Council) and that Council members can rotate every two years based on election results.

Biasi expects the process of interviewing and selecting a new City Manager to potentially go through October. He said the goal is to find and hire a person who is a good fit for our community for many years to come.

Cowan said it’s a big challenge finding someone to follow up in the footsteps of the previous City Manager John W. Donlevy, Jr. who held the position for 19 years. He noted that the national average for a City Manager position is seven years, and the California state average is four years.

“Every member of the council is hopeful that we can find a new City Manager who will love Winters and working in Winters at least half as much as John Donlevy did,” Cowan said.

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