Fundraising campaign created to support Marie Hendrix

Winters community members are working to raise money to help support a former WHS student who was injured by a drunk driver in 2012.
Screenshot from the GoFundMe campaign

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Winters community members are rallying together to support Marie and Michael Hendrix with a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds to support Marie’s ongoing care and to help send them out on a daycation or trip to get out and about. On Saturday, May 19, 2012 17-year-old Marie and her father Michael were heading from a friend’s graduation party on County Road 31 when their car was broadsided on the passenger side where Marie was sitting. A drunk driver had run through the stop sign at Road 95. Marie spent 18 months in a coma and would miss out on celebrating her 18th birthday and donning a cap and gown to participate in the Winters High School Annual Commencement ceremony. In an update written by former Express staff writer Margaret Burns (published in the July 24, 2014 edition), she explained that, due to Marie’s age transitioning from 17 on the day of the accident to 18 while she was in the hospital and eventually 21 during her rehabilitation and physical therapy treatments, Michael has faced many challenges between insurance requirements, mountains of paperwork and medical expenses. Marie is confined to a wheelchair and has undergone multiple surgeries and continued therapy. This past week WHS Librarian Olivia Rodriguez contacted the Express after the creation of the GoFundMe campaign, “Support Marie Hendrix, former student at WHS” that has a goal to raise $5,000. Rodriguez said monies from the campaign will help support Marie and her father with medical expenses, physical therapy, rent and other financial challenges. She hopes the Winters community will help donate any amount to help support Marie’s ongoing medical expenses and provide for a fun opportunity to get out of the house. “Marie is a strong, intelligent and resilient young lady who still needs a lot of care and physical therapy. Her father is unable to work as he is her primary caregiver and she is still wheelchair bound,” said Rodriguez. “She has also graduated from high school and has accomplished a lot since her accident but is still in need of assistance. She could use a vacation, trip, visit to the beach or a sporting event such as a Kings Game. She was a student athlete at Winters High School and she still enjoys sports and art.” Neireece Wimberly, one of Marie’s friends and WHS classmates, said Marie is just like any other young woman and hasn’t let the accident get her down. “It would be nice to help get her out of the house. She’s capable of so much. She can get back outside and do more things and I think all the support that everyone is giving her will help to lift her spirits,” said Wimberly. “Even though she’s limited, she still has drive, ambitions and dreams. She’s very happy, always positive and always looking on the bright side of things. That has not changed since her accident. That’s just who she is.” On the GoFundMe campaign Rodriguez said even a small amount can make a difference to help give Marie and Michael a change of venue. She said Marie spends most of her time at home; reading and surfing the Internet and she would love to get out of her house. Donations can be made now on the GoFundMe campaign page at Donations can be made year-round at First Northern Bank under the “Marie Hendrix Medical Fund” to help support Marie’s medical expenses. In addition to donations the campaign creators, Rodriguez and Jenny Ramos, are also seeking any community members who have a vacation spot to share or donate. Questions about donations or how to help support the campaign can be directed to]]>

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