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Winters Parent Nursery School
Press Release

Winters Parent Nursery School (WPNS) is accepting enrollment packets for new and alumni families who are looking to have their child attend their preschool program this January through May. New student enrollment packets are available at the WPNS schoolhouse during business hours, 8:30-11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday and can be printed off of the WPNS website.

The enrollment period for the rest of the current school year will remain open until all spots are filled. Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is expected to open in March 2022.

WPNS offers two different age programs and requires family participation in the classroom. Classes are provided for children ages 2 years, nine months to 5 years. Family participation also includes family tasks ranging from facility maintenance to fundraising.

Children explore their environment with the help of WPNS staff and parents. The parent participation aspect allows families to work together to assist in the classroom alongside teachers, provide and maintain the school building and grounds and be involved in the running of school business.

This family-cooperative nursery school is comprised of families who believe preschool is important to our children’s future and allow parental input. WPNS has been serving the families of Winters and surrounding areas for 45 years. This unique program also allows families and children to learn together. Family members learn about child development milestones and experiences from the school’s professionally trained staff and are able to observe other parenting styles from other families.

WPNS families and students also engage with the Winters community through events like singing love songs to the First Northern Bank tellers, getting to know downtown businesses through community walks down Main Street, and more.

The school’s play-based, social-structured program allows children to learn through play and need educational play experiences to develop self-confidence to become prepared for the higher level of their educational journey. Monthly themes and holidays topics allow the school to bring in local community members to present about their professions, lead arts and crafts, science, and outside play opportunities. WPNS prides itself on its love of using imagination.

For more information about enrollment packets or to set up a tour and sit-in to experience if WPNS is a fit for your family, contact Director Ciara Hapworth-Eldridge at wintersparentnurseryschool@gmail.

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