Police encourage community to lock their vehicles

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Winters Police Department encourages community members to keep their vehicles locked following a report of a stolen vehicle.

On May 23 at 2 p.m, Winters PD officers responded to a report of a stolen vehicle.

On the social media post, Winters PD detailed the victim reportedly had left the pick-up truck running on the street to warm it up and left the driver’s side door open. The suspect jumped into the vehicle and drove off with it.

Solano County deputies later received a call of a traffic collision on Campos Lane and Winters Road. Deputies found Daniel Garcia Cruz, 39, of Winters in the vehicle that was reported stolen to Winters PD. Solano County deputies arrested Garcia Cruz and transported him to Solano County Jail for incarceration.

Winters PD encouraged the community to take their keys and lock their car for every errand, even if “it’s only for a minute.”

Winters PD offered the following safety tips for residents:

Park in a well-lit area.

Make sure your vehicle doors are locked.

Do not leave the keys in the vehicle.

Invest in a toolbox with a lock if you keep tools in the back of your vehicle.

Engrave your tools with something unique: a phone number, name, email address, etc.

Invest in security cameras for your home and be aware of other homes with security cameras in your neighborhood.

Found items

On the night of Thursday, May 19, Winters PD officers recovered miscellaneous items with unknown owners as part of a case.

“It is not known at this time if the items are stolen property and/or when they may have been taken. If you live in the area of 800 block of W Grant Ave, please check your vehicles for any lost/stolen items,” the social media post stated.

To claim items, call the Winters PD Property and Evidence division at 530-794-6725.

Camera registry

Winters PD is looking to add local residents who have security cameras on their premise to their CAPTURE Program voluntary registry.

Police Chief John P. Miller said signing up for the CAPTURE program provides Winters PD with a confidential registry of privately owned security cameras which assists Winters PD officers and detectives in locating and contacting residents and business owners in the vicinity of where a crime occurred that may have video of the event or associated vehicles or persons.

“It’s important to note it does not give us access-info in any way to the cameras, and the information is secure at the police department,” Miller said.

Miller said video has proven to be one of the most effective methods for apprehending and convicting subjects who commit crimes of all kinds.

Residents who have video security cameras are encouraged to register their location and capabilities of their cameras with Winters PD. For more information on the CAPTURE Program, or to register a security camera visit http://www.winterspolice.org/capture/.

Miller stressed the importance of knowing your neighbors and to call in any suspicious activity to Winters PD.

“The base behind a neighborhood watch is neighbors looking out for neighbors,” Miller said. “It’s not turning a blind eye. Call in if you see anything.”

Residents should report suspicious activity, that isn’t an emergency situation, to the Winters PD 24-hour dispatch center at 530-795-4561.

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