Senior Commissioners discuss objectives, need to collect more survey responses

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The Winters Senior Commission on Aging hosted a working meeting on June 8 to discuss their goals and to update their 2021-2022 objectives.

Senior Commission Chair Cheryl Sandoval went over the list of objectives that commissioners originally identified as goals and projects to address in the Winters community.

The Senior Commission has been challenged by multiple resignations and Commissioner turnover since its inception. Many of the committees and projects have either been handed off or left with one lead commissioner.

To date, the Senior Commission is focusing on:

  • Actively monitor grants and programs which may be appropriate to pursue for the senior community, and propose working on with City staff to ensure alignment.
  • To define unmet needs in the Winters senior community and present them annually to the City Council.
  • Improve upon standards of service by developing a framework and metrics to assess standards of serving going forward.
  • Assist the City in completing work on equipment procurement and Senior Center program recommendations. And, support City staff in the development of a Senior Center Operation Manual.
  • The Commission will continue to assess activities and services for inclusion in future publications of the Winters Senior Resource Guide. The Senior Resource Guide was recently updated, published and distributed in both Spanish and English. Future Senior Resource Guide editions are expected to be published every two years.
  • The Commission will continue to develop a comprehensive Legislative Platform process to present to the City Council recommended positions on matters impacting seniors.

Senior program surveys
Senior Commissioners discussed ways to continue collecting responses to the Senior Center program survey they began to distribute this spring. The goal of the survey is to collect information from the older adult community regarding their interest in senior programs and what needs they may need fulfilled.

The survey will be available to the community until July 31. Community members can take the survey in English at or in Spanish at

Senior Commissions plan to look through the survey data to identify programs and needs at their August meeting.

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